Box Tops Do You Save Them?

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If you do not have children or grandchildren in school you are probably going Huh? And you are scratching your head. But those of us around school age children know what they are. Money in the bank for schools. When I was the vice president of the PTA I was in charge of box top collection and let me tell you folks that the money sure adds up.

Box Tops for Education is a program that grants money for box tops submissions.

  • Did you know Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs? 
  • That Over 80,000 k-8 schools participate?
  • Schools can use Box Tops cash to buy whatever they need. Yep that is right they get cash money.
  • You can send Box Tops to school anytime.
  • Each Box Top is worth 10¢ for your school. And that money does add up.
  • Box Tops earnings are sent out to schools twice a year, in December and in April.
  • They can be found on most pantry and household items.

 I mentioned above that every box top is worth $.10- so for every 10 the school gets a $1.00. When everyone pitches together to collect Box Tops for Education , it allows schools to buy much needed materials and supplies. If you aren’t familiar with box tops they look like this.

boxtop pic

If you don’t have a child or a grandchild in school consider donating them to a neighborhood school think of it as an easy investment into the future. I know as a teacher the schools will greatly appreciate it.

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