Back To School Safety Tips For Parents

Back to School Safety Tips


Bells will be ringing. School buses will soon be on the road. Kids and teachers alike will be saying “How short their summer was?”  Yep, it’s back to school time. So here are a few safety tips to help you get back in the swing of things.

  • Be on the lookout for school buses on the road. And make sure you stop for buses that are stopped as they are carrying precious cargo.
  • Make sure to be aware of children that are around you especially during your commute to and from work.
  • Go to the bus stop with your child and show them the exact spot where they need to wait for their bus.
  • Make sure to express the importance of never leaving with anyone that they don’t know. And if the need arises give them the “Stranger Danger” talk.
  • Tell them to stand 6 feet away from the curb (if possible) while waiting for the bus. If possible mark the spot so they will know exactly where to wait.
  • Make sure that your child’s backpack is not to big for them. And that it is not to heavy for them to carry.
  • Tell them to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before walking toward the bus. And if they have to cross the road, to make sure the stop arm is out and that all the traffic had come to a complete stop.
  • Tell them to always make sure that their bus driver can see them at all times.
  • If possible make sure that school bus stops are well-lit and if possible see if you can install a camera near there or at the least have a designated parent assigned to stay with the kids. . Because let’s face it nothing is more precious than your family, your home, your business and your peace of mind. And having a security system provides that peace of mind. And to help with this Night Owl is hosting a giveaway for a security system.

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