Simple Apps That Make Being a Mom Easier

Simple apps

Every feel like you are on overload? That there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you need to get done. Been there done that and bought the book. I must admit that I depend on my cell phone to make my life easier. I have found some cool and very simple apps that are free that make my life a little easier.

  • School A to Z- Let’s face it sometimes we can’t do that math problem that your child brings home. This will help you get a refresher course so you can help your child.
  • Dinner Spinner- This will help you when you get that dreaded question- What’s for dinner?
  • Kindertown- This will allow your child to boost their brain activities while you get that much needed break for a cup of coffee.
  • Cozi Family Organizer-This app will help you keep track of all the homework assignments, doctor’s appointments as well as after school activities all from a shared calendar.
  • Red Laser- Allows you to price check and find the lowest price for that much wanted item.
  • Life 360 Family Locator- This will allow you to track your child so you know that they are where they say they are. This is awesome to use at amusement parks like Busch Gardens.
  • Team Player- This one rocks. It helps you to keep up with all the practices and games for your children, it even keeps track of Carolina Railhawks games.
  • In Class- As parent this app will help you keep up with all your children’s homework assignments as well as big projects that might be coming up.
  • Overdrive- Don’t have time to grab a book or leave the house and forget your book. This handy app will allow you to borrow eBooks. It is like a public library for your phone.
  • Evernote- Have a to do list that just keeps growing and growing with no end in sight. This app will help to make that list  a little more manageable.

So what apps do you use to make your life more manageable?


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