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Confetti Cannon

An Introduction:

When it comes to party everybody, want to have a confetti cannon in hand. Confetti is small papers, Mylar or metallic material which are usually thrown at parades, sporting winning team winners, celebrations, weddings, birthdays and other parties. These are non-pyrotechnic poppers. The most seen confetti is in the television program named, “Who wants to be Millionaire.” The modern confetti traces back to symbolic rituals of tossing grains and sweets during special celebrations. The confetti is made in a variety of colors and commercially available confetti comes in many different shapes. Confetti is similar to glitter, but some distinction made them different that is glitter is usually smaller in size. Confetti is available in different shapes and designs but the star shape is most popular one, and seasonally snowflake shape is demanded too. The simplest form of confetti is paper pieced into smaller parts and advancements in the industry gave rise to different sort of confetti too.

Use of the Confetti Cannon:

The use of confetti is popular as a major item of decoration, in recent year’s confetti cannon is introduced to the market in which confetti chads are packed in a sealed container commonly a plastic or cardboard pipe. And then at the moment of celebration, they are popped to create an effect the confetti is popped due to the use of compressed carbon dioxide and sometimes nitrogen as a mechanism.  Confetti cannon is available in the handheld size too, and you can try out this amazing handheld confetti cannon.

And with the increased volume of confetti more carbon dioxide is used in larger cannons to propel the Chad at greater distances. There are two types of confetti cannon available in the market; one is for indoor use, and other is for outdoor use. The chads of confetti cannon are mostly made of plastic and polyvinyl sheets, hence non-biodegradable. There are alternate options too which can be adopted for the use of petals of the flowers in particular rose petals. These petals are freeze dried flower petals, and these are completely biodegradable as well. With the increasing awareness of ecological concerns, the general public, as well as management of venue, are moving to the consensus that only biodegradable version should be used.

Custom Designs:

The confetti canon is available in many sizes; it is up to you what you want it can be smaller to fit in your pocket as well as big enough to cover a group of people, and the propelling power can vary from few feet to some hundred feet above. For instance, you can have a 40-inch popper cannon which can launch chads around 60 to 80 feet in the air. These cannons are assembly free these are ready to fire as dispatched just unbox the package, and you are good to go. These are one-time use products and just throw away the left behind when you are done with it. Furthermore, you can have custom design chads in the cannon, ask for specific shapes and color of the chads and the vendor will pack it with your demanded chads. Usually, the chads of the confetti are made of materials like tissue, metal, Mylar or paper. Confetti cannons create a fantastic effect instantly with a just simple twist of the base. As well as the price range is concerned, these products are not very costly, and you have an individual handheld cannon within tens of bucks.

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