Awesome Uses for Petroleum Jelly


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I remember Vaseline was a big thing to use when I was growing up. It seems like it could be used for anything and the same is still true today. Just look at how many ways you can use Vaseline otherwise known as petroleum jelly.


  • Removing your eye makeup- just coat your lids and then gently wipe with a tissue.
  • Getting rid of dry skin- combine with brown sugar to make your own exfoliator.
  • Taming your unruly eyebrows- just put a dot on the tip of your finger and put on brow in one direction working from the inside to the outside.
  • Making your eyeshadow stand out.
  • Protecting your skin from hair dye- put some on your hair-line if you color your hair at home and you won’t get those stains.
  • Sealing your split ends- coat the ends of your hair to help with dryness and frizz. You can put a little on your hands and use it as hair wax to smooth down your hair.
  • Making your own lip gloss- add food dye or cherry KoolAid powder to a dab for instant lip color.
Petroleum jelly is an awesome product and when use it instead of all those other beauty products you will save.

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