Cleaning and Refreshing Our Home #UnleashtheCleanSquad

New Look

This summer will be the last summer that Mikaela will officially be at home. She starts college in the fall and if she is anything like her sister, Maddie, she won’t be home for the summer after that.  To keep my mind off another one of my girls leaving the nest, I have tried to come up with different projects to do around the house.

When Maddie left for college, I was about to have shoulder surgery so that was my main focus. This time the focus is on cleaning, refreshing and redecorating the house. (Now before you judge me, I am also planning some fun day trips to do with Mikaela and Gracie. And the end of the month we are planning to see friends in South Carolina for the weekend. So it isn’t all about cleaning. 😉

But because Mikaela is working a lot of hours at her job, I have had to find some things to do to keep me busy. Plus there are some other things going on that I am not willing to share yet.  One of the projects that have been on my list for about a year was repainting our shutters and front door. They were brand new when we bought our house but 9 years later they have certainly faded.

Walmart collage

But I can’t just repaint over all the old. I had to do some cleaning first. So one day I found myself at WalMart in the cleaning aisle looking for a multi-purpose cleaner that would tackle all the cleaning projects that I have on my list. That is when my eyes fell on the Clorox All-Purpose Clean-Up Spray. It was just what I need to clean the grime off the shutters and door before I painted them.

And of course while I was there I had to pick up some paper towels and Viva Paper Towels are the only one that would be durable enough to stand up to the job. And I knew that if I didn’t use all of them when I was cleaning the shutters and door, they would be handy to have around the house. In fact, we used them for napkins at our 4th of July party.

clorox and Viva #UnleashtheCleanSquad

So Saturday afternoon, when we got home from the store my husband went about the task of taking down the shutters and cleaning them. And I started cleaning the front door. Man, was that door dirty. But the combination of Viva and Clorox made the task go by quicker.


Sunday, I started painting the door, while my husband finished taking down the rest of the shutters and painting them and putting them back up. I was surprised to see how well the whole look came together. And I can honestly say that I am really proud of the hard work we put into it. But the finished product looks awesome. It is almost like we have a new house but it was a whole lot cheaper. 🙂

Before and After Look
So, tell me what do you think of the new look?

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