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Vintage Doesn’t Means Expensive

AFM vintage globe

This past weekend we threw our daughter a vintage chic yet frugal Graduation party. I know people think that we spent a lot of money on the party but in fact, it looked like it we did but yet you will be surprised how much we really saved by making things ourselves or looking for cheaper ways to do something. For instance one day while wasting I mean spending an afternoon on Pinterest looking up ideas for the party; I came across a neat guest book idea which both my daughter and I fell in love with, a globe. I then posted on my Facebook page asking friends if anyone had an old globe that wanted to get rid of and what do you know I had one friend tell me yes she had one and that I could have it for free. Score!!! Looking at the globes on Pinterest I tried to come up with ways to make our globe unique. Most of the globes there were either brown/ tan or completely covered. I had thought of covering it with chalkboard paint but Maddie said that she wanted to be able to still see the countries on the globes so that was a big no. Since the globe we had was a brilliant blue I wanted to tone down the color to give it more of a vintage look. I tried Mod Podge Glue but that didn’t work. So instead of using the free quart of paint that I had gotten with a coupon a while back, I painted in circles on the globe and then wiping off the excess giving it a whitewash look. Score instant vintage look. Everybody at the party loved the globe and my daughter can’t wait to carry it to college with her. So see vintage and style does not have to mean expensive and you end up broke. Remember it is all about how something turns out not about how much you have spent?

So what did you think of our vintage globe guestbook?

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  1. That’s a neat idea- definitely great for a graduate since it’s something they can take onto college with them.

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