Amazing Opportunity Revealed

Wow there were some great guesses for this contest but unfortunately no one came close to the right answer. Remember this picture from my month long experiment:
I had a hint on this post for the contest. The  hint was something on this table was included in the amazing opportunity. That said I will now reveal the opportunity.
Beginning in March, I saw a post on facebook for one of our local TV shows.
My Carolina Today
We have the book … we just need a reader… is anyone interested in Steve Berry’s book?
I replied  because as I have said before this blog has opened me up to doing things I would not normally do.
My Carolina Today
We want to thank Melissa for reading our Steve Berry book… we look forward to her review.
March 17 at 10:56am ·UnlikeLike ·
I was asked to read two of  New York Times best selling author, Steve Berry’s books and to review them.
The first one I received by going to the TV station and picking it up. I was able to meet the producer of the show, Kimberly Green. She is an amazing and friendly person. She told me what was involved in the reading and asked me if I had ever read a Steve Berry book before. I honestly can say I had never read a book by him until this time. And now I want to read every book he has written.  Later I emailed Kim telling her how much I loved his book and was given the opportunity to read the newest book. These are the two books I read.

These books were awesome to read. I was then asked to come to the TV station and meet the author. I was also asked to sit in on an interview with him.
First let me thank all the staff at My Carolina Today. They were awesome. They were friendly and just made me feel at ease. This was the first time I had ever done something like this. Next meeting Steve Berry, his wife Elizabeth and his cousin Mark was amazing. They did not know I would be there.
 Let me set it up for you. My oldest Maddie went with me to the station because as I have shared before she wants to be a writer when she grows up. So we were sitting in the room behind the studio when in walks Steve and his family. His wife, who is amazingly beautiful and so friendly, noticed that I had Steve Berry books in my lap. She asked “Why do you have Steve Berry Books?” I told her that I had read them for the show. Then came the moment of truth. Steve, himself, asked if I liked them. He was scared to ask me but I soon set his mind at ease with a “I Loved Them.” He was gracious enough to sign the books for me and I might even have a new follower for my blog because I told him I had made a contest to see if anyone could guess what I was going to be doing. I then told him I was going to blog about this experience. I mean how many people can say that they have met a New York Times Bestselling and was able to interview him.
If I wasn’t a  fan before after meeting Steve I can say I am a bigger fan now. Steve and his family are the most down to earth people I have ever met. His cousin made a big impression on my daughter. Getting to meet him was absolutely an amazing opportunity.
 Just yesterday My Carolina Today posted this on their facebook wall
My Carolina Today
Want to give viewer Melissa Vera a special thank you for reading two “book club” books and talking about them on the air!
 Here are few pictures from my adventure.
  This was taken in the lobby we got there a little early and we hung out there.
The staff at NBC 17 was amazing.
My daughter took these pictures when they were taping the segment.
Valonda Calloway actually came from my hometown
and she was a few years behind me in high school.

After the taping Steve was gracious enough to snap a few shots with me.

Here is a link to the interview The Emperor’s Tomb | My Carolina Today.
If you have never read any of Steve Berry’s books I highly recommend them.
They are awesome page turners.

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  1. That is an amazing opportunity and can go in your “Look What I Did” photo album! lol
    Thanks for sharing!
    CJR @ The Mami Blog

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