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Cayce is my other “daughter”. She is actually one of Maddie’s best friends who has became a part of the family. She is very comfortable around other people. But I am spotlighting her this week because she has volunteered to tutor Gracie in math. She is a teenager who is actually concerned for those around her and just not about her own little world. FYI- Gracie’s grades have improved dramatically since the tutoring started. Here is a frugal tip- if your child needs a tutor check with your local schools (sometimes schools have a community service requirement that the students  have to fulfill – they can use the hours tutoring) or you can ask a local high schooler. If you have to pay for a tutor high school students are alot cheaper. But make sure they  have good grades in the subject they are tutoring. I knew Cayce way before she started tutoring Gracie, so I knew what her grades were like. In fact, she is the one Maddie goes to for help with her precalculus.

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