Got Manners???

What is happening to children’s manners these days? Why are children not taught to be polite especially when talking to adults. My daughter has one friend who could use a course on manners. She can be down and outright rude sometimes. I told my daughter if she starts acting like her than that will be the end of her friendship with her. Here are some examples of her rudeness. One day we invited her and her cousin to go bowling with us. We are all at my house waiting for Mikaela’s friend to join us. All the kids were outside playing soccer when my husband came in and asked what was wrong with Maddie’s friends- Why did they leave? I told him I had no idea why? I asked Maddie- she said that they had gotten tired of waiting and decided to leave. They left without a good bye or a thank you. I mean how rude can you get. Another instance is when I went up to her before a soccer game congratulating her on some good news and instead of being gracious and accepting the congratulations she was sulking on the soccer bench. I don’t know about you but when I was younger and I treated an adult the way she is allowed to treat adults, I would have been knocked through the floor. (Not really but you get the idea.) Tell me how do you deal with your children;s friends being rude to you? I think manners should be taught in school as a required class.

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  1. Part of the way people inratect seems to be influenced by social class, culture and income. On the street in Charlottesville blacks are much more likely than white people to make eye contact and offer or respond to a greeting. White folks, especially educated ones seem to find it very difficult to look others in the eye and acknowledge their existence. Many of them seem to be terrifed of strangers. I’ve spoken to black friends about this and they are often not aware that white people on the street ignore each other just as much as they do black people. When a white person refuses to make eye contact and looks right through them or away, they feel disrespected. They don’t know that the white folks act the same way to each other. I do believe that lower income folks, of all races, tend to be friendleir and less suspicous of others than educated people of all races with money. Some of the most socially impaired, unfriendly people are outspoken proponents of community but they can’t even look their neighbor in the eye and say hello. If you want to build a friendly community then start by realizing that most people are decent human beings who deserve a certain amount of respect.

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