5 Essential Ingredients That Every Relationship Needs

5 Essential Ingredients That Every Relationship Needs

Whether you have been in a committed relationship for years or just starting out on this relationship roller coaster, it can be overwhelming but don’t worry here are some tips that will you navigate the relationship minefield.

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  1. They aren’t simple or straightforward. They require a lot of hard work, time and most importantly selflessness. Putting your partner needs before your needs can be hard but it can be done.
  2. Don’t compare your relationship to others. As you will only see what is right because that is all they want you to see. You never know what is going on behind closed doors. For example, I have a friend that I often envied her marriage. I mean they would take cruises, went to a lot of exciting places, always seemed to do everything together and they looked good doing it. But behind closed doors, there was infidelity on the husband’s part more than once, and she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without his permission. See looks can be deceiving. So it better not to judge your relationship to others.
  3. Love yourself. You have to feel like you are worthy of love to be loved. How can you accept that someone loves you when you can’t even love yourself? I will admit that I struggle with this a lot.
  4. Communicate. When you talk to each other, you are sharing your life with the other person. Talking is a great way to clear the air. Remember that your partner is not a mind reader and neither or you. And don’t assume you know what they are thinking, because when you assume you know what it does, it makes an ass-out-of-u-me.
  5. It is okay to argue. Arguing is healthy. But make sure you aren’t arguing because you feel like you have to be right all the time. And remember that no relationship is perfect, no matter how much they may look like it.

I am lucky as my husband, and I have been together for over 22 years, but I know friends who have to start over and are scared to begin the go date now roller coaster. So tell me do you have any relationship tips that you would like to add?

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