Let’s Be Real

Have you felt like someone is trying to send you a message? The other day when I logged into Facebook, I came across of a status written by my close friend, Beverly Weeks. You may remember Beverly from some of her blog posts that she shared on here. This status prompted me to write a status of my own.

afm fakebook


I thought okay that was it. I had responded but today as I was sitting in my physical therapist’s office, I picked up a magazine because she was running a little late and what article do you think I started to read? One about Facebook and how people only chose to upload the good and not the bad. I said okay I get you want me to write a post about this!! So here it goes, Have you ever noticed that for the most part there are some friends who are only uploading when things seem perfect when in fact it isn’t. You know the type of people I am talking about those that are first to judge when someone is struggling and always make any of their problems some else’s problem or fault. These are the people that most people either end up hiding their statuses because it just doesn’t ring true. Now it is one thing to know the people only online but when you know them online and in person it is another story. I have always been upfront with the way that I am feeling on Facebook. Sometimes, I may share too much but to me, that is my outlet besides this blog to get those feelings out. Sometimes those feelings can be harsh, but it is better to get them out there in the open than to hide in the shadows. There are some people that only care to share the good in their life, but they aren’t fooling anyone. So I challenge you to be real on Facebook, scream and have a tantrum if you have too but above all be true to who you are. Of course, if something exciting is happening in your life share so that others can share in your happiness but also if you need prayers because you are struggling with just stuff then ask for that as well. So come on let’s all be Real.

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