Not Again! Preparing for Yet Another Hurricane

not again preparing for yet another hurricane
I don’t know why I am so surprised that another hurricane is tracking to hit our state of North Carolina. It really shouldn’t surprise me as a life long resident of this beautiful state hurricanes are a way of life. But after seeing the devastation of Matthew less than a year ago, I can’t help but reflect on how there are still many people that are still recovering from this.

Today as  I was meeting with my sweet cousin Lauren for coffee, to discuss some future blog posts as well as a few guest posts from her, I couldn’t help but reflect on what happened a year ago. Why you ask would that come to my mind? Well, it is because Lauren got married the weekend that Hurricane Matthew hit our state.  So basically, the wedding that she had envisioned was revised, not canceled but certainly not one she had planned for herself and her husband.

There were so many people that were caught off guard when the storm decided to turn inward. I know I never would have gone to the conference in Maryland if I would have known. There were towns underwater, ours included and roads that even to this day are closed because of the damage of the flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

hurricane flood

I will admit that I was unprepared for the flooding, but I have never been more thankful of the hill that we live on when the flooding occured.

I realize that there is cause for concern with this storm as well as the other two hurricanes that have formed, but at what point do we put mass hysteria aside and start thinking not only about ourselves but others as well. I will admit that I am little worried about my two older girls who are away from home at college, but I know at least they have each other.

Printable Hurricane Emergency Supplies Checklist

But there are things that you can do now to be prepared for Hurricane Irma as well other hurricanes that may follow. I have created a printable checklist which you can download to help you prepare. But I also want to share a few other items I have found on my Facebook feed. ( If you aren’t following me on Facebook, you ought to go over and check it out as I will continue to share items that will help you get prepared. )

Here is a list of some simple things you can do now to get prepared.

  • My friend Sarah at The Hot Mess Kitchen wrote an excellent post about how to use solar lights.
  • Having trouble finding bottled water right now, you can buy gallon size Ziploc bags and fill them up with water and freeze them. Not only will it make your food last longer if the power goes out, but when it melts, you have some drinking water.
  • Allie decided that she wanted to add something. So I will let her bark her opinion here. She wants to remind you about your fur babies. I mean just today her and I took a trip the pet store to buy kitty food as well as dog food and of course one of Allie’s favorite treats, Yapple Nanas. Also if you haven’t read her post about getting your pet prepared for natural disasters you need to check it out.
  • Make sure your freezer is packed tight. This will help keep the food frozen longer.
  • Grab your printable checklist here.

AFM Printable Hurricane Checklist

I hope everyone stays safe during the storm. And I want to leave you with another thing, I have a friend who calls that particular time of the month, Irma. So brace yourself. 😉

[su_box title=”Just a thought ” box_color=”#abbeef”]Through all the storms my anchor holds. Hebrews 6:19 Stay safe everyone and remember who is in control [/su_box]

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