Whole Home Generators: Your Emergency Backup Plan

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Imagine, you’re just sitting down to watch your favorite TV program, you grab the bowl of popcorn, and — the lights go out. Great, another power outage caused by a thunderstorm. You wonder how long it will be out for. An hour? A day? If you’ve ever experienced power outages, you know that they have a tendency to happen at the worst times. But they don’t have to. By installing a whole-home generator, you’ll save yourself the inconvenience and potential hazards of trying to move throughout your home during a blackout.

Depending on the size of the storm or electrical equipment malfunction, power outages have the potential to last a week or more. Installing a whole-home generator can help keep your family and you safe (not to mention keeping the convenience) by allowing you to effortlessly switch from grid to generator power. With a whole-home generator, you can power indoor lighting, electronics, appliances, running water, and heating and air conditioning systems during a blackout. For family members using medical equipment like dialysis machines or ventilators, having a whole-home generator is crucial for when an emergency occurs.

The following infographic was first syndicated by Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical and can help you prepare if you lose electricity in your home. We’ll walk you step by step through what you should look for when choosing a whole-home generator, what items in your household you will need to power in case of an outage, and what that means for you when selecting a generator.


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