4 Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of Your Home

House Free from Bugs

Bugs are a pain and they can cause all sorts of problems in your home. Carpenter ants and termites can damage the wood in your home. Moths can ruin your clothing and any cloth covered furniture you have in storage. Those are just a couple of the bugs you’ll find in your home, and before you reach for the moth killer, you need to make sure you’re putting down some ground work to ensure your bugs don’t come back. Here are some things you can do in order to help keep your home bug free.

Teach Kids To Keep Their Rooms Clean

One way you can help keep a cleaner home and have fewer bugs creeping in is to teach your children how to keep their rooms clean. The number one rule to remember when it comes to kids and rooms is to not let them take food in their bedroom. Aside from there, make sure that they have areas to put everything that they own so that it’s easy for them to clean up.

Teach your children the room is about more than just putting their items where they belong. Get them their own broom and dustpan so that they can sweep up and keep dust out from all sorts of areas in their room. Dust can breed dust mites, which can cause allergies and just be a mess.

Dust Everywhere

Obviously, you don’t just want to dust in your children’s rooms. Make sure you’re dusting your whole home, that includes moving couches and other pieces of furniture out of the way to dust under and behind them as well. Don’t just dust under your furniture, you also need to dust on top of it.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Even more important than dusting your home to keep bugs away is keeping your kitchen clean. Your kitchen is a place that can attract all sorts of bugs, including ants and cockroaches. You may want to keep foods like rice and flour in plastic lidded containers that can keep them protected.

You also want to make sure that at least once a month you’re moving your oven and refrigerator and sweeping up under and around where they were. A lot of food and crumbs can accumulate there, and bring in even more than just bugs.

Try Natural Tactics

You definitely want to consider calling in a professional to deal with your bug problems. They know exactly what to look for in an infestation, how to find nests for bugs like carpenter ants and termites, and they have the materials that can eradicate your pest better than you could possibly do on your own.

However, there are some natural things you can do to try to deter bugs in the first place. Things like peppermint to keep spiders away, cleaning to keep pests the lawn to eat your food away, and making sure that your home has no leaks leaving rotted wood where carpenter ants might want to live.

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