3 Surefire Ways To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

3 Surefire Ways To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

When it comes to your living space, y’all already know that size matters. Unfortunately, excessive amounts of square footage aren’t always in the budget. Small homes can have their charm, but what do you do when a room starts to feel too cramped? With some clever choices and intentional placement, you can make the most of every inch of a room, no matter how small it is. Check out these surefire ways to make your home feel bigger and better than ever before.

Mirror Magic

I love a good decorating hack, and clever mirror placement is one of the best. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are a great way to trick the eye and extend a room. Moreover, mirrors are a great way to reflect light and brighten a space. Try hanging a mirror across from a window to reflect the beautiful outdoor view. This trick also works well to make narrow hallways and entryways feel less tight. Another great idea is to use round mirrors to soften the hard lines and angles of a room.

Find Your Flooring Fit

Did y’all know that the type of flooring you have can affect how big or small your room feels? Thick carpets, while cozy, can make a room feel shorter. Additionally, dark colors on the floor (and everywhere else in the room) absorb light and create a darker, smaller appearance. Choose your flooring wisely. If you use dark colors, balance them out with a light color scheme and plenty of natural light. Pay attention to your flooring pattern as well. Simple layouts like straight or diagonal planks make space feel wider, even if you use dark colors.

Be Wise About Wall Space

A blank wall is a glorious canvas full of endless possibilities. When you have limited space, though, it can be hard to decorate without making a room feel too busy. One of the most reliable ways to make your home feel bigger is to be smart about how you fill the walls of a room. Large pieces that act as focal points can make a wall feel larger than it really is. On the other hand, avoid placing bulky furniture against a wall. For example, instead of a massive bookshelf that will overpower a room, try floating shelves and other minimalist designs that serve the same function without taking up excess space.

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