Renovation Ideas To Make Your Home Feel and Look Luxurious

Renovation Ideas To Make Your Home Feel and Look Luxurious

Well, hello there, y’all! As your friendly (and favorite) Southern neighbor, it’s my duty to spill some sweet tea now and again on a little bit of everything. I’ve got a delicious sample of renovation ideas to make your home feel and look as luxurious as a Southern Belle during her Debutante. So, gather ‘round and let’s chat, shall we?

Bathing Beauty

Let’s start with the bathrooms, even the most-loved space for a Southern Belle like yourself. I aimed for a spa-like retreat when I redid mine. I began by upgrading the lights; my first lighting choice was always a chandelier because it’s classy and makes the room feel like I stepped into a different world. Each day I enter the bathroom, whether to shower or do my skincare routine, the flick of the light appears as a glistening light storm that dances across the room until it centers out.

The other thing I upgraded was my mirrors. Mirrors are essential for creating the illusion of space and bouncing light. Choose an oversized mirror for a glamorous focal point. Now, I couldn’t neglect my shower. Aside from redoing my floors, I had to consider these tips for designing the perfect custom shower for my bathroom to feel like a spa retreat. The one I stuck with was a lavish number because a Southern girl needs to swoon longingly at the relaxing appeal of her bathroom every time she enters.

Layer the Luxe

My experience with upgrading my living space for a grander feel was to layer each room with different textures and patterns. I recommend mixing metal and wood finishes, adding velvet or silk pillows with chunky knit throws, and not being afraid to play with different patterns. “Honey, life’s too short for plain beige!” to quote my mama.

Ceilings (and Design Hopes) Soaring High

Want to know a little design secret? Pay attention to your ceilings—they’re often an overlooked canvas waiting for your Southern style. Consider adding some decorative molding, beadboard, or shiplap, and watch your home transform before your very eyes. Give the ole’ wallpaper a whirl to make a fantastic design statement if you’re really daring!

And that, my dear, is just the tip of the magnolia tree for making your home feel and look luxurious. Now, I’d love to hear from y’all! Share some renovation ideas to make your home feel and look luxurious or any design stories you want to brag about (I promise I won’t be jealous). I can’t wait to read all about your extravagant home makeovers! Y’all come back now, ya hear? Until next time, darlin’.

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