Simple Modifications To Make Your Home Look Cleaner

Simple Modifications To Make Your Home Look Cleaner from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We’re all doing what we can to maintain our lives and the lives of the people around us while still trying to get our chores and daily tasks done. Some days, it feels downright impossible to get the house clean and finish the rest of the to-do list. With a few simple modifications to make your home look cleaner, you will be able to spend less time on upkeep and more time on yourself and your family. Let’s face it; you could definitely use a little more “me time” in your life!


To start the process of making your space appear cleaner, declutter as much as possible. Of course, it’s hard for a family to eliminate every unneeded item from the house when they all belong to different people. Consider picking a number and having each family member find that many articles a day to throw away or donate. If, say, you have four people in your household, and each person chooses five items per day—between Monday and Friday, you’ve already removed a hundred unnecessary objects from your home.

Removing stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose within your home will free up space in each room and also in your mind. Soon you’ll realize how heavy all that clutter was on your shoulders. Decluttering will make any room you or a guest walks into automatically feel cleaner than it did before.

Color Choices

In the spirit of opening up a space by ridding it of unwanted items, an updated color on the walls may contribute to your progress. Bold and dark colors tend to hide dirty spots, but that’s still evident when you look at them. When putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls, go lighter in color. Even if you’re choosing grays, they don’t have to be dark. A bright and neutral color will not only make a room feel larger, but it will also look and feel cleaner.

Additionally, pairing appropriate wall colors with furniture and perhaps area rugs will make the room design look more intentional, even if the fabric has a pattern. Complementary color schemes and suitable furniture will pull the room together. Though the change won’t make the room any cleaner, our brains perceive organization as cleaner. The mind perceives a put-together appearance as inherently fresher and tidier.


Carpeting is a tricky one, especially with kids and pets. The opportunity for an unremovable spot, stain, or mishap increases when you have a family. If you have the option to install solid-surface flooring, it will be your best bet at keeping up with spills and other catastrophic possibilities. Hardwood is durable, easy to clean, and low-maintenance.

When opting to go with a solid-surface material such as hardwood flooring, consider a few design elements. The color of the stain and the glossiness of the floor’s sheen can contribute significantly to how clean a room appears. For high-traffic areas or homes with families, a lighter color and matte finish hides the most dirt and dust, making a home appear much more kept-up with less effort.

There are so many ways to trick your houseguests and family into thinking you’re a machine that never stops cleaning. With a few simple modifications to make your home look cleaner, you may just find time for a hot bath and a glass of wine. The housework never ends; that’s life. However, with a few tricks, the perception of a cleaner, more put-together home will ease your mind and perhaps impress those who visit your abode.

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