Benefits of Family Movie Night

Benefits of Family Movie Night

I’ve got to be honest with y’all, movie night at my house is a highlight of the week for my family and I. Once a week, we turn off our phones and sit down to watch a film together. We make sure to cycle the movie choice, so each person gets a turn to share their favorites with everyone else. Aside from being a fun evening, there are many other reasons y’all should consider hosting one. Here are the benefits of family movie night and how hosting one can bring your family closer together.

Stronger Family Bonds

One of the reasons I look forward to our weekly movie nights is how they help our family grow our bonds. Not only is watching a movie enjoyable, but it also helps me get to know what’s important in the lives of my family instead of the typical block of single word answers my kids usually provide. They also help my kids from fighting all the time and reduce the tensions in the house. These movie nights are even great for increasing the connection between my spouse and I.

Improves Self Esteem

The stronger bonds with the kids also lead to them having increased self-confidence. Close ties let them know they can trust us to have their back, making them move likely to try new things. This confidence can help your kids be much more sociable around other children. Converting your living room into a home theater also presents an opportunity for your kids to showcase their interior design talents for the family.

Reduces Behavioral Issues

Another benefit of family movie night is that my kids are less likely to act up since we started doing them. Spending time with the kids lets them know they don’t have to act out to get my attention. The movies also make a great background for future conversations on values. I’ve even used films to help teach my children how to deal with certain social situations. Family movie night also reduces the chances of substance abuse among teens because they’ll be spending more quality time with the family.

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