Ways to Perk up Your Tired-Looking Home

Ways to Perk up Your Tired-Looking Home

We’ve all been there. The house looks drab, and we’d rather move than try to change things. Sometimes it feels like the work to improve what we have seems tougher than just leaving it all behind and starting over. I’m here to tell you to stop packing. Y’all, roll up your sleeves. I’ve got some ways to perk up your tired-looking home.

Move the Furniture

I know it sounds silly, but I swear if I move the living room couch from one wall to another, I feel like I should be the next reality TV star for HGTV. It really changes the feel of a room for me, y’all, and I often find that moving furniture is a great choice when my home needs a change. After spending years in the same place in a room, furniture quickly looks and feels better in a new space.


Yes, a bit more work than moving furniture, but paint is one of the best ways to perk up your tired-looking home. Whether on furniture, cabinets, or walls, a fresh coat of a new color breathes new life into everything.


If y’all don’t have rugs on the floor or the old ones have seen better days, place a few rugs here and there for a colorful change. Here are a few places rugs look great:

  • In front of the kitchen sink
  • Between the living room couch and coffee table
  • Bedroom floors
  • Entryway
  • Hallway
  • Under the dining room table

Remove and Replace

Sometimes removing one collection and replacing it with something else gives a room a little update. For example, replace a wall full of small pictures with one large canvas painting that draws your eyes to it. Or vice versa—removing one large piece and replacing it with multiple pieces of a small collection. It’s an easy way to freshen up the look of a tired room.

Out of Sight

Y’all, we’ve all got “stuff” we have no choice but to have around, but it looks messy or out of place. Use baskets, cabinets, and other creative ideas to hide things you need but don’t want to look at. For example, you love your cat but don’t exactly love the litter box. Our homes, both inside and out, are filled with objects that cramp our style. Hide them and perk up the house.

Hopefully, I’ve got your creative juices flowing, and y’all decided that rather than run away, you’ll freshen up your tired home that’s served you well for years. Enjoy rearranging, then kick back and enjoy your hard work.

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