10 Ways to Spend Your Free Time

10 Ways To Spend Your Free Time

Free time? I know what you are thinking what is that? But every once in a while there is that little window of opportunity or should I say hope for free time. Most people can’t even wrap their head around free time so when faced with the opportunity to have time for themselves- they are at a loss.

Lucky for them, I am here to help. The other day I got to thinking about how wisely do I spend my free time, and it is really free time when I am focused on doing something else. That made me come up with a list of 10 things to do when I am faced with that dilemma. So here they are in no particular order.

10 ways to spend free time

Read– I love to read, but lately I have felt like it is a chore because I rarely have time to read. But I do enjoy a good book. Right now I am reading Through the Woods,  the long-awaited sequel to Burlwood Forest by John Choquette. I have waited for almost a year for this book to come out, but unfortunately, it has been slow going for me as I just haven’t had time to read it like I want.

Journaling– I love to write some days it just for the blog, but there are other days that I can’t wait to sit down and write for myself. I recently bought a bigger hardbound journal at Walmart to use, and I am so in love with it. It lays flat which is a must for me as I can use it just about anywhere. So that is awesome! Not sure what kind of journal I am talking about then you check ones that are similar to mine here.

10 ways to spend free time

Walking or Biking– Everyday I try to squeeze in, at least 30 minutes of exercise. All this excess weight I have put on the last few years has to come out somehow. I am more likely to use the treadmill or walk out than I am the bike. But there are days that I make myself bike. I know it will be easier once the weather starts warming up, so I can put my Christmas present to good use. I got a cruiser bike, and I love it.


keep pounding Carolina Panthers BBQ Chicken Dip (1)

Cooking– Lately I have been experimenting in the kitchen coming up with new ways to improve on recipes or even making some of my own. If you have seen the blog lately, you know that dips and appetizers are my experiments lately? I mean, after all, we do have to get ready for the Super Bowl. GO PANTHERS.

110 ways to spend free time

Pinterest- Need I say more. That one word can lead to sometimes using too much time meant for something else. 🙂 It is best if you decide to use Pinterest as a way to kill free time that you set a timer because it is also a quick way to run out of time.

10 ways to spend free time

Blogging– Although I do that every other minute of the day it seems, sometimes I like to write a blog post just for fun. I may or may not publish it who knows?

Being creative– nothing gets my juices flowing than being creative. I love the thrill of making old into something new. Look for a few projects soon.

Listening to Music– Right now I love the song by Gwen Stefani – Someone I Used to Love. I normally don’t like her music, but that one is amazing.

Sleeping– I wish I was the kind of person who could close their eyes and take a quick cat nap but, unfortunately, I am not. But sleeping would be another option.

Playing games– Whether it is board or card games with your family or you can play games online. I know I love to play bingo at Play2winbingo. I mean who doesn’t love shouting BINGO when you win.

So these are just a few ways you can spend free time. How do you spend your free time?

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