Split 2 Fit with Dentyne

My family loves gum. Me, I am not a gum chewer but my girls on the other hand could chew gum everyday day and every hour of the day. They absolutely love the stuff.  Well with that said Dentyne has come out with a new Split2Fit pack that is designed to fit almost anywhere so you will be sure to have safe fresh breath for whatever you encounter. The Dentyne Split2Fit pack holds 33 percent more gum than before holding 16 pieces that can be split into two smaller easier to carry pack. These are perfect to fit into the pocket of those skinny jeans that my daughters are so fond of wearing. Only with new packaging comes a new flavor Dentyne Ice Mint Frost. Look at how much fun my girls are having with their Dentyne gum.

Maddie laying back on the hammock with her Split2Fit  pack tucked into the bottom of her capris.

Gracie watching  Maddie blowing bubbles while Mikaela is checking out the ingredients on the package.

Trying to blow bubbles. Some how not quite successful.

Disclosure: I received a box of Dentyne Ice Mint Frost for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received.

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