Safety And Money Saving Tips For Your Next Road Trip

Safety And Money Saving Tips For Your Next Road Trip

Hitting the road for vacation? Did you make a plan ahead of time? did you remember to pack everything you need, and did you do a checkup on your vehicle? From having your car checked for any repairs and an oil change for diesel vehicles if it is needed. It is important before you go on any long haul or short haul trips away you make sure your car is in tip-top shape so you won’t need to worry about any preventable breakdowns or accidents. When it comes to safe travels on the road, there is a lot that should go into your planning.

If you are traveling with kids there is even more that should go into your planning. Not only do you want to have a safe trip, but you also don’t want to go broke before you reach your destination. Here are some safety and money-saving tips that might help you have a better road trip.

Know What To Do In Case Of An Accident

Before you hit the road, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the drive and that you are, too. Take your vehicle in for a checkup, get that oil change you’ve been putting off, check the lights and tires, and make sure your spare tire is in good shape as well.

You also want to be safe while you’re on the road, and while all of those things above will help make sure you have a safer trip, they won’t stop accidents from happening. Have safety stuff with you (like an emergency kit and jumper cables) and have an accident checklist as well to make sure you are safe in case anything does happen on the road.

Take Snacks With You

One thing your trip may do to drain your money is make you hungry. Instead of getting expensive snacks out of vending machines or at gas stations, and instead of ingesting unhealthy fast food, take some snacks with you. Fruit that doesn’t need to be kept cold (like apples and bananas) and snack mixes like trail mix is great for car ride snacking, and they are healthy.

Check Your First Aid And Emergency Kits

Never leave your home for an extended trip in the car without checking the contents of both your vehicle emergency kit and your first aid kit. You want to make sure that both are stocked just in case you need them. You might want to have things like glow sticks and even rubber gloves as well. You never know what trouble you might run into on the road.

Bring Along Some Entertainment

If you don’t want to continually hear your kids asking, “Are we there yet?”, you may want to bring some sort of entertainment to keep them busy. You can do that with a portable DVD player, tablets with games and stuff on them, or even travel games. Plus, if they’re busy they won’t be begging for fast food stops every time they see a sign.

Have A Plan Or Itinerary Mapped Out

Lastly, if you really want to save money and make sure of your safety, have a set itinerary and leave a copy of it with someone back home. Not making extra stops will help you save money. And having someone know when you’re supposed to be where helps keep you safe.

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