Mommy Travel- How To Plan An Ultimate Solo Weekend Vacation

Mommy Travel- How To Plan An Ultimate Solo Weekend Vacation From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you are a busy mommy, self-care should be your top priority. After all, you deserve to invest in your health to stay sane and happy. Not surprisingly, the trend of solo vacations is gaining popularity among American moms. You shouldn’t feel guilty about planning one every year after all the workload you handle at home and the office. But solo vacations need extra thinking and planning to make them stress-free. Here are some tips you can follow to plan an ultimate solo weekend vacation.

Time it right

Timing is crucial when you plan to leave the kids back home. You need someone for childcare and domestic responsibilities. Ideally, it should be your partner, but you can enlist more help if they aren’t confident enough. Drop off the kids at the grandparents’ place or hire a nanny. But make sure your vacation fits into everyone’s schedule because it has to be convenient for those taking over your tasks.

Choose your destination wisely

You cannot expect to fly abroad for a long trip because alone-time is a luxury for moms. It makes sense to choose a nearby destination where you can spend a weekend comfortably. Flying is the best option as it is safe and takes minimal time. Also, make sure that the destination is secure for female solo travelers. A little research will help you pick the ideal option that fits your preference and other specifications. 

Budgeting is important 

Budget is equally important for frugal mommies. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to save even as you have a good time. Start by finding deals on flights and hotel bookings. You can even save up on taxi bills for commuting to and from the airport. California has providers offering online booking for parking space. If you want Oakland airport parking, just book your slot for the weekend and save time and money. You can also cut down bills for food and transport at your destination. Stay within the budget and have a stress-free trip. 

Pack smartly

Traveling solo means you wouldn’t get help carrying your luggage around. It makes sense to pack light so that you can handle your stuff easily. Moreover, you need not pack all your favorites for a weekend trip. Prioritize comfort as you pick outfits and footwear for the vacation. But have everything that makes you look good and feel good because you deserve a self-pampering session. Don’t forget the essentials like phone chargers, sanitizers, masks, and medicines.

Plan an itinerary

When you travel alone, you must not step out without planning an itinerary. It makes you feel safe and confident even without company and at an unknown place. Ask your partner to help because they will know the entire plan beforehand. Check the places on the internet and make sure they are all safe. Brush up on the basic safety rules for women solo travelers before you leave.

A solo weekend vacation alone allows you to relax and unwind, and you deserve it. So be guilt-free and plan your next right now. Have fun, buy lots of gifts, and pamper yourself when you are there!

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