Your Vacation Preparation Checklist

Your Vacation Preparation Checklist from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The occasional weekend getaway can be spontaneous. All the planning you really need is finding a place to stay and a way to get there. If you’re going to be gone for a week or more, though, checking off the items on this vacation preparation checklist before you go can help you protect what you leave behind.


You probably already have a home security system in place, but it is especially important when you are away. Make sure your system is working properly. If it has smart features, test it to ensure you get alerts when you need them. Replace any dim outside lights to increase visibility around your home, and put at least one indoor light on a timer so that it looks like there’s someone inside in the evenings.


Let trusted neighbors know that you are going to be gone for a while. That way, they can keep an eye on the house, pick up your mail and help out if there is an emergency. Give someone who is going to be in town a key to your home along with some basic instructions regarding where the breaker is located and how to turn off the water main. If you are not taking your pets with you on your trip, arrange for pet boarding Tomball TX, so that your animals are safe and well cared for. 


If you don’t have anyone watching your home while you are on vacation, you should probably turn off the water main before you leave. This can protect your home from flooding. Right before you depart, take out the trash so that it doesn’t rot and attract bugs or other pests in your absence. While you may want to adjust your thermostat to save money on your utility bill, it should still be kept at a temperature that allows indoor plants to stay alive and keeps pipes from freezing. 

Taking a long vacation may be just what you need. This checklist helps make it even more peaceful once you know that everything at home is safe and secure.

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