Ways To Furnish a Home on a Tight Budget

Ways To Furnish a Home on a Tight Budget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Hey, y’all! I’ve been looking at new furniture lately. It’s about time to switch up my style—plus the number of stains on my sofa is getting a little out of hand! With furniture, it’s easy to forget just how expensive it can get. But I found a few ways to furnish a home on a tight budget I want to share with y’all.

Get Free Furniture

Yeah, I know—it’s easier said than done—but there are tons of free pieces of furniture listed online. People hate throwing stuff away and feeling wasteful, so many times, they will list a perfectly good—or almost perfectly good—item online for free. Search these listings vigilantly, and you may just find a diamond in the rough!

A lot of furniture has good bones and just needs a little bit of love to become a stylish and comfy addition to your home.

Bonus Tip: Look for solid wood furniture with no water damage. Even if it’s in rough shape, a little stripping and re-staining can make it new again!

Revamp Your Old Furniture

Sometimes, when we get tired of our furniture, we just get rid of it without thinking of all the item’s potential. But you can transform and update old furniture pieces to keep with your developing style. Below are a few of my favorite ways to update old furniture:


Wood and some plastic or particle board-based furniture are perfectly fine to paint. When you go to paint these items, make sure you apply an even layer all over the surface. This minor color change can make a huge difference in your home’s style.

Cover It Up

That’s right; you can just cover up old furniture and make it new again. Slipcovers are great for changing the pattern or appearance of old upholstered furniture. They are also my secret weapon for covering stains up! Make sure to choose the right one for your home.

Shop the Sales

The furniture industry’s loss is your gain. Tons of furniture stores are going out of business or struggling to make sales right now, so there are countless sales and amazing deals happening! Look up furniture stores near you, and find out which ones are having good sales. Many of them have online buying options, so you can stay home rather than going to a store.

There are so many ways to furnish a home on a tight budget. Get started on your new home look today with these ideas and more!

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