Health-Conscious Upgrades for Your Home

Health-Conscious Upgrades for Your Home

Alright, y’all. I know it can be hard to find the right home upgrades to pursue, but here are some that you can make this year to benefit your health. Before I get started, look around and see if you can upgrade that old coffee table with the stains. Or, if you have something with paint that contains lead, ask yourself if you can replace it with something new that won’t cause you long-term health problems down the road. I think you can, y’all. Here are some health-conscious upgrades for your home.

A Water Filter

We all like freshwater. So, take advantage of the opportunity, go out, and buy a new water filter to help improve your water quality. Your water shouldn’t make you feel icky on the inside, so change it for a better option. If you don’t change your filter every few months or fail to follow the manufacturer’s note on the box, you’ll risk residue buildup. And that can dry out your skin.

Water shouldn’t be hurtful, y’all. It should recharge you after a long day. Water coming from filtered pitchers and the fridge is fine, but what comes from the faucet is not. Consider installing some filters in the house. It might be costly, but you’ll save your family from getting sick.

Change the Paint and Decor

If I see one more room with lead paint, I’m going to scream. Not literally, y’all. But, what I will do is head on down to the store to find a paint that has no VOC (volatile organic compounds). Sometimes, the problem isn’t even the lead. It’s the color that doesn’t seem to brighten up the room anymore. By picking a paint that doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants, you open yourself to a more welcoming space.

Change your décor as well. Sometimes, you might find that the succulent you bought from your favorite store is full of chemicals. When it comes to style, purchase items that encourage a more organic atmosphere and allow the space to feel open. Changing your décor can add many benefits to your life, such as more positivity and fewer dark days.

Add A Radon Detector

A detector you might’ve not heard of is a radon detector. Radon is a radioactive natural gas that results from the breakdown of uranium in the soil. If this gas becomes stuck in indoor spaces, any exposure can lead to lung cancer. This happens in many homes, and I recommend installing one of these detectors to protect your health.

Adding in new health-conscious upgrades for your home will benefit you in the long run. These upgrades will add value back into your home life as you breathe clean air, sip filtered water, and even get new furniture and paint.

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