When To Consider A Dental Filling Replacement Sooner Than Later

When To Consider A Dental Filling Replacement Sooner Than Later

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry has evolved over the years as patients have access to innovative treatment options. You need not worry about your look and comfort as even the basic treatments such as tooth fillings are more advanced than ever. But you cannot expect them to last forever because they have a specific lifespan. A broken filling is a reason to worry as it can cause pain, gum infection, decay, and tooth loss. You must watch out for the indications of an impending replacement and get it done sooner than later before a severe problem arises. Here are some dentist-recommended signs to look for.

Severe pain 

Pain around your teeth is a reason to worry. Besides the inflammation near the affected tooth, you may also experience pain in other teeth. Check your dental filling to ensure it is in place. A visit to your dentist is a must if you notice something amiss. Although painkillers may give temporary relief, you may require a more aggressive treatment like root canal treatment or extraction. Delaying the next steps is the last thing you should do because it only complicates the situation.


Sensitivity is another common sign of tooth trouble because it causes trouble when you consume hot, cold, or sugary foods and drinks. It is likely to happen when there is a crack in or around your dental filling. At times, such cracks may not be visible, but the sensitivity problem persists. The worst part is that bacteria can enter through the crack and invade the space to cause severe infections.


Dental fillings do more than cover the cavities, they also restore your tooth’s appearance. Dentists use tooth-colored dental fillings to fulfill the aesthetic and functionality objectives. But you can expect them to become darker or start yellowing over time. It is a sign to get the fillings replaced sooner than later to keep your smile bright and beautiful over the years. 

Wear and tear

Fillings wear and tear over time as you bite and chew hard foods and consume hot and cold drinks. According to this dentist in Oakland, filling can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. It may occur sooner if you have a habit of grinding your teeth. Extensive wear and tear can cause cracks, which may or may not be visible. Signs like pain and sensitivity are indications of potential cracks. Your dentist will do an X-ray to identify them and replace the fillings. Remember not to delay the treatment because the narrowest openings allow bacteria to enter and cause tooth decay.


An injury is another valid reason to consider a replacement for your dental filling at the earliest. A blow to your mouth may have dire implications like a tooth fracture, but you should not miss out on less severe consequences. Fillings may become loose or get completely dislodged. You must visit your dentist after an oral injury to get your teeth and fillings examined and repaired. 

Dental fillings act as a shield to protect your teeth from further decay and prevent oral infections. So they deserve as much attention as you can give. Follow these signs, and get a check whenever required.  

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