Holiday Shopping for the Whole Family

3d human with a red question markWhen shopping for the whole family this holiday season, keep these questions in the back of your mind.

  • Will the sound of this game drive me crazy? If so put it back on the shelf.
  • Is it age appropriate for every member of your family? Having teenage girls and a ten year old has me looking at this question a lot lately.
  • Will this be something that they will fight over? If so and you can afford it buy doubles or triples to avoid the fights.
  • Will it bring hours of enjoyment or do you think it will lose it shine after one week of playing it?
  • Does it spark the imagination? These to me are the best things to buy.
  • Does it require activity? Getting your family up and moving can be another gift idea.
  • Will everyone in the family like it? This includes Mom and Dad. If the answer is yes go for it.
  • Is it something that the family can do together? Too often families get so busy with everyday life that they forget to spend time with each other.
  • Can you afford it? Because after all if it is going to cause a hardship for your family than is it really worth the price you will pay.

Keep these questions in mind when you are out and about doing your holiday shopping and you will sure to find something that everyone in your family can agree on.

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