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In this day and age of technology you can never be to careful especially when it comes to your children and their web usage. I was recently introduced to an email that allows you to monitor your children’s email. I personally like the idea but if  you talk to my two teenage daughters that would tell you they don’t like it at all. Now don’t get me wrong, I trust my girls and I wouldn’t invade their privacy but it would be nice to have just in case. I love having an email just for kids to use.

With Kid’s Email you , the parent, can control the type of attachments that can be seen by your kids- saves on having to remove nasty viruses. Because let’s face it at one point your child will download something that has a virus attached and if you don’t have the right virus protection all the information on your computer could be lost. It also has an offensive word filter that will allow you to protect your child’s innocence just a little bit longer. ( This particular aspect is great if you have younger kids.)

These are just two of the cool features that you can do with this type of email. Just look at the other features.

  • GPS Tracker – that will allow you to use a free mobile app to a get location on where your child has been.
  • Time restrictions- You can set the amount of time your child is allowed on the computer. The computer will display a custom message when your child trys to log on.
  • The ability to block senders- That kinda of explains itself.
  • No Ads- I wish all emails had this.
  • Custom Mailbox Folders that your child can create so they can be better organized.

I will have to say that the one feature that I loved more than anything was the activity log. It was real eye opener to see how many hours my girls spent on the computer. This allowed me to set time limits and if they tried to log on (which they did a couple of times) it let me know that as well.  I just wish that I knew about Kid’s Email sooner. If you have a younger child than you need to look into it is well worth it just for your piece of mind alone. Plus you can try it out for free.

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