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I have long been a big fan of movies especially those that star any of the Wahlberg brothers. One of my favorite things to do with my girls is to curl up on a night that my husband is working and watch a movie. Each one of my girls has their favorite kind of movie to watch. Maddie loves any movie with Kristen Bell or Zac Efron in them. In fact, she cannot wait for Kristen Bell’s movie to come out in the movie theater. Mikaela’s favorite kinds are anything that is scary. The scarier the better for her, but she also loves movies like Scary Movie V, which is a spoof on scary movies. Gracie’s favorites are any movies that have animals as their main characters especially dogs.

Sometimes seeing the latest movies can get to be very expensive. Normally we only buy a DVD if it is a movie that holds a special meaning for us. Sometimes adding tons of movies to your collection is not feasible because of money and space. The special movies will hold a special place but you have to stop and think do we really need all the rest of them. Especially now that there are online services like Netflix and rental kiosks like Redbox, where we still have access to great movies.  So with that said I have started downsizing our movie collection by selling those movies that do not hold a special meaning to us. Plus the extra cash will come in handy because Christmas is coming up fast and it will be here before you know it. Why not start earning extra cash by getting rid of those old movies now before Christmas sneaks up on you?

Also as an added money maker, you can   also sell your old video games. Because, let’s face it if you have children you are bound  to have a ton of video games and movies hanging around that your children do not play anymore and they are just collecting dust anyway. So why not ease the load of housework that has to be done and make a little money as well by getting rid of those dust collectors.




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