Summer Travel Tips

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summer travel tips

School’s out for summer? Do you know what that means, it is time for vacations? Do you have any summer travel plans scheduled or in the works. Whether you are planning on exploring your state or venturing further away, here are some travel tips to help you have the perfect vacation.

  • Save money by packing snacks and drinks for the trip. Plus you can control what your family eats and give them healthier options.
  • Bundle hotel, airfare and activities wherever you can.
  • Avoid ATM fees by choosing cash back on purchases such as gas and grocery.
  • Pack at least one change of clothes for everyone that is easy for you get to in an emergency. One year when all three of the girls were younger, Mikaela had an accident on our way to Mexico and we were able to continue quickly on our way because of the change of clothes was easy to get to.
  • Pack items to keep your children busy.
  • Check out Groupon Coupons to find the best deals on travel coupons to use at places like Orbitz and Hotels.com. Groupon coupons are a free way for travelers to find thousands of coupons to save on their summer travel plans.

So tell me do you have travel plans for this summer? Or are you just going to wing it? Going any place exciting – we will be going to see Mikaela’s favorite player Javier Hernandez “Chicharito” play in the Gold Cup in July in Charlotte. And of course we will be travelling to Cary over the summer to see Our Carolina Railhawks play.

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  1. We actually have a lot of travel planned this summer. I love all of your tips.

  2. Great tips! I just started checking out groupon this weekend and I’m loving it already! SO many great deals!

  3. What fab tips! I always pack clothes for the boys but never for myself! I will be honest there has been many times I cursed myself for not doing so! lol

  4. These are wonderful tips. Bringing snacks and drinks really help you save money.

  5. We always pack snacks for our trips. It’s important for us not to get hangry or it will be a rough trip!

  6. Of course you do Robin, You never stay home. We might have a trip planned up near you soon.

  7. We try and save where we can. I love groupons, and keeping a packed bag!

  8. The atm/cash back idea is genius. My bank doesn’t have an atm near me. The closest one is an hour away. I spend a lot of fees. I’m going to start using that tip here at home

  9. Nice tips. We are still figuring summer out. I will be sure to keep these tips in mind.

  10. I plan on spending some quality time with both of my boys this summer. We normally spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoying water activities during summer vacation.

  11. Great tips. Good snacks are always key to kids and adults alike. Especially if you get delayed or stranded for a bit.

  12. Those are great tips. Grupon offers so many amazing travel deals from car rental, hotels and attractions!

  13. We do not have many plans yet for the summer. I always pack a lot of different snacks when we go on a long trip.

  14. We actually nixed travel plans so that we could do more locally. Although, I keep looknig at the Groupon deals and get ideas… 🙂

  15. Actually we are planning for a trip with my family. And all these are wonderful tips for a perfect summer vacation. Your ideas are really going to be helpful for everyone. I do always pack snacks for our trip as it helps to save some money as well. Thanks for your ideas.

  16. Wonderful tips. I will be traveling to Florida to get my daughter squared away for college, but no real vacation planned

  17. Summer is finally here and these tips are totally perfect for those traveling and will be on the go – thanks!

  18. We have summer travel plans and we’re excited about them. In fact we’re only 2 days out from our trip! Eeek! I can’t wait! May the odds be ever in our favor. Ha! I’ll actually be utilizing some of the great tips from your list. Thanks!

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