Top Tips to Childproof Your Home Quickly

Top Tips to Childproof Your Home Quickly from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Is your little one getting into every cabinet, trying to climb the stairs, or climbing out of their crib? Here are some tips to childproof your home quickly.

There are a lot of hazards throughout our homes, y’all. This article will focus on keeping the interior of your home safe for your little ones.

Check Your Hot Water Heater

I never knew that you could adjust the temperature on the hot water heater. I learned that it should be set at no higher than 120 degrees. That way, the little ones can’t severely burn themselves when they become interested in turning the faucet knobs.

Check the Heaters

One part of the home we often forget about is the heaters, especially floor or baseboard heaters. I would highly recommend that y’all get covers for those. Putting covers on these heaters not only protects your little one from the heat but also prevents their fingers from getting stuck.

Get Gates

Any part of your house with stairs needs a gate. We always seem to think our tots won’t try to climb or go down the stairs—well, I’m here to tell y’all that they most certainly will. The kitchen is another great place to use a gate if you can. Our little chefs often want to help, but sometimes we don’t realize that they’ve snuck up on us. A gate could save your child from serious injury.

Secure Heavy Objects

We tend to forget that little ones are fearless and that they can knock down heavy items, even if we think those items are out of reach. Go through your house and make sure anything heavy is secured in place. This could be bookshelves or even the books themselves, decoration pieces, glassware, and so on.

Keep Medicines and Cleaning Products Out of Reach

Y’all, I shouldn’t have to say this, but get your medicine and cleaning products out of reach and locked away. The little ones don’t know any better, and older kids were eating Tide Pods for a while. Just keep any harmful chemicals and medications out of reach and out of sight, and you should be fine.

Use Outlet Plugs 

One of the top tips to childproof your home quickly is to use plugs in every single outlet in your home. Little ones will try to stick their fingers in outlets, toys, and anything else they can get their hands on. 

Meet the Safety Standards for Your Crib

Every type of crib has certain safety standards based on the age of your child. Y’all need to do some research and make sure you’re meeting those standards. In addition, I’d recommend keeping the crib away from windows and cords.

Keep an Eye on Windows and Cords

I can’t stress this enough, y’all: keep all the windows locked when you’re not using them. In addition to that, either cut the cords for your blinds or tie them higher than usual. The last thing y’all want is for your little one to be wrestling with the blinds. I know I was guilty of not knowing some of these top tips to childproof your home, so I’m just trying to help you get a head start. Some of these will apply to your home, and some may not, but it’s important to be aware of these potential hazards.

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