Things To Know About Picking Colors for Your Wedding

Things To Know About Picking Colors for Your Wedding

A ton of work goes into planning a wedding since many of us have a vision of the perfect day that we want to make a reality. Generally, couples choose a color palette of similar shades to accent the space. With countless tints, picking the right hues can be challenging, and you don’t want to select clashing shades. Check out the information below for tips on how to pick colors for your wedding!

Evaluate Your Preferences

The first thing y’all need to do is consider which colors you like the most. We all have a favorite color, and some of us also have shades we simply don’t care for. Once you create a list of colors you love, group them according to which hues look best together by looking at sample shades side by side.

Hues such as dusty roses and sage look beautiful together. When in doubt about what colors pair, search on Pinterest for palettes of your select colors, then jot down the names of the shades you like most.

Consider Your Wedding Date

As many of us know, seasonality greatly impacts fashion and trending colors. The shades y’all choose to accent your wedding theme should align with what’s common for the season. Typically, spring and summer are the times for pastels and brighter colors because of the sunshine and warm temps. On the other hand, deep, natural hues and jewel tones are best suited for fall and winter.

For example, let’s say you love pink and plan to get married in mid-February. Most fashion experts recommend shades like blush pink or cinnamon rose; plus, both shades pair perfectly with burgundy, another color for the season!

Decide on Wedding Party Apparel

Generally, the color palette you select for the special day also impacts what your wedding party will wear. Pick out bridesmaids’ dresses in your chosen color or within the same color family to incorporate the hue into your big day. Likewise, a tip for coordinating tuxedos for a stylish wedding party is to have the groomsmen’s vest, necktie, or bowtie match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Reflect on Your Wedding Theme

The final thing to know about picking colors for your wedding is that the color should match the theme. What type of atmosphere do y’all want to set? If you want to create a lively atmosphere, brighter colors are usually best. However, neutral colors look great in any location and create a timeless look.

What’s most important is that you pick colors you love! After all, this is the day you and your partner call all the shots. Take the time to pick out the perfect shades and pairings as you prepare for your wedding.

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