5 Great Charities to invest in if you won the Powerball

5 Great Charities to invest in if you won the Powerball

So you have just won the Powerball $1.6 billion lottery jackpot! Now, what? 

Ideally, with proper money management, both you and your siblings (heirs included) could lead a fantastic life for many years. However, the onset of a lottery win’s sudden fortune can be quite an emotional rollercoaster since you will have numerous decisions to make inclusive of how to use, invest, as well as save this money. 

Ideally, there are several exclusive ways on how you can adequately use this money, not to mention the fact that you can also go for some more conservative options as you come up with some long-time plans.

So, if you are wondering, ‘What would I do if I won the Powerball Jackpot,’ there are various ways you can spend and invest your money. Essentially, you can usually save your prize money in a bank, invest in the stock market, Treasury securities, among other high-quality investment provisions.

Nonetheless, while investment plans are a crucial and necessary consideration, what you eventually do with this money is also a significant deliberation too. With massive jackpot wins like the Powerball Jackpot, especially if you make prudent spending and investment choices, you might never spend everything.

One of the best ways you can invest your Powerball Jackpot money is making a sizable donation to your preferred charity. This good deed could effectively last decades over.  

5 Great Charities to invest in if you won the Powerball: 

Typically, donating to charity is a fantastic decision, not only for the recipient but for a giver as well. However, it can be challenging to identify the best charity to donate to, particularly considering the vast array of worthwhile causes to pick from.

Luckily, courtesy of GiveWell (a reputable charity recommender), there are several amazing charities worth consideration. 

Below is a list of 5 great charities you can invest your Powerball Jackpot money in, exclusively listed in sequence with their distinct funding needs you can invest your Powerball Jackpot prize money in. 

1. Malaria Consortium 

A unique malaria chemoprevention program only, Malaria Consortium, is a seasonal charity dedicated towards treatment to prevent malaria in kids living in sub-Saharan Africa effectively.

Malaria ranks among the leaking children killers in Africa. However, the exclusive seasonal programs for chemoprevention malaria prevention considerably decrease malaria cases. The program helps in the distribution of preventative anti-malarial drugs to children in Africa. 

2. Against Malaria Foundation

Ideally, Malaria is among the most potent killers of kids in Africa. However, with insecticide-treated nets, malaria can well be prevented. Besides malaria prevention, these insecticide-treated nets are also quite inexpensive-costing about $5 each. 

Against Malaria Foundation is a charity that purchases and also distributes insecticidal bed nets, mostly in the sub-Saharan part of Africa, as well as in Papua, New Guinea.

3. Helen Keller International 

This is another great charity that primarily deals with supplementation of Vitamin A in Africa.  Ideally, the organization also offers technical assistance, funds, and even advocates for vitamin A supplementation programs in Africa.

With their Vitamin A Supplementation Program, Helen Keller International effectively prevents child mortality significantly. 

4. Deworm the World Evidence Action initiative (END Fund)

END Fund spearheads a distinct ‘Deworm the World Initiative’ that supports typical government-run deworming initiatives. Ideally, these programs are geared towards the prevention of parasitic infections primarily in Asia and Africa 

5. Give Directly 

Finally, this is a unique charitable organization that mainly focuses on distributing cash to destitute persons in various nations around Africa, like Uganda and Kenya and the world at large. By distributing money to these individuals, the program allows needy individuals to buy what they genuinely believe will help them the most!  

According to various studies, these cash transfers are mostly used by recipients to cater to their basic needs. 


Winning a Jackpot is ‘A Dream Come True’ for anyone in the world. While this in itself is considerably difficult to achieve, it gets even tougher deciding how to utilize the prize money. 

While there are numerous ways you can invest the money, donating to charity is among the most gratifying and prudent things to do. However, you must ensure that the charity you donate to will utilize the money appropriately.  

Luckily, if you DO win the Powerball Jackpot and feel touched to donate some funds to charity, these five genuine charities, as outlined by reputable Charity recommenders, are worth considering.

Good Luck!

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