Pros and Cons of PetPlan Insurance

Pros and Cons of PetPlan Insurance from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

There are those of you who love keeping different kinds of pets at home for companionship and other reasons. Most pet owners have dogs and cats, but some go the extra mile to keep some exotic animals such as snakes, chameleons, and spiders to name but a few. Irrespective of the pet you keep, you always find it necessary to feed it and ensure that it is in good health condition. Keeping tabs with veterinary bills can be overwhelming at times, and thus the need for medical cover for your animals. Reported that it is important to have PetPlan insurance. But let’s go through some pros and cons of the policies provided, and you can decide for yourself.

Pros of PetPlan Insurance

1. Unlimited Lifetime Claims

As long as you keep tabs with your pet’s annual checkups, and pay your policies on time, you can claim as many times as possible in the lifetime of your pet. You will be compensated as long as the claim is valid, and is within the requirements of your policy.

2. Quick Payout Times

Once you visit the vet, you are supposed to fill a claim form and submit it within 48 hours. You should make sure that you provide all the required information. The company pays the claims within 5 to 7 business days but can extend not beyond a month.

3. Flexible Covers

It does not matter what kind of a breed you have of a cat or a dog, or the pet’s age. What matters is that you have it checked for its health status, and provide that information to the PetPlan. They have flexible covers that cover different types of dogs and cats from six weeks old. You can get a cover even if your pet is old. As of the moment, the only covers available are for dogs and cats. They do not cover exotic pets.

Cons of PetPlan Insurance

1. Premiums Increase with Age

The younger and healthier your pet is, the less your premiums will be. You will have to part with more money for premiums if your dog is advanced in age. You still get compensated though when your flurry old friend gets ill.

2. Lack of a Wellness Plan

You might expect that since this company aims to keep your pets healthy, they might have a wellness plan of some sort. A good plan would be where you get compensated for having your pet checked annually. Such a plan is lacking as they only compensate you for common illnesses.

3. Can Be Denied Coverage if fail Annual Check-ups

You have to be fully aware of your pet’s annual check-up, and which should be carried out by a recognized and registered veterinary. If you fail even by a few months to have this check-up done, you will be denied compensation in case your pet falls ill.

4. Limited Time to Find a Vet

PetPlan requires that you find a registered vet within 48 hours after it falls ill. This can be challenging especially for individuals that are located in remote areas. They should reconsider this provision.

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