Top 8 Girls Night Out Ideas (On a Budget)

You’ve worked hard all week, at your job, taking care of your family, and keeping your house in order. Now, it’s time to get out and celebrate you. Grab your girlfriends and hit the town. Here are eight ideas for a fun girls’ night out.

Take in a Movie


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Have you been waiting to see that new tear-jerker based on your favorite book? Or how about the latest romantic comedy? Movies that you can’t seem to drag your guy to are perfect for seeing with your girlfriends. Grab some popcorn and candy, and your tissues, and go together as a group.

Go Bowling


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Guys aren’t the only ones who can put together a great league. Set up a weekly game time for you and your girlfriends to knock some pins down. It’s a great way to hang out, catch up on gossip, and get some stress-relieving exercise all at the same time.

Relax at an Outdoor Concert


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Imagine gathering with your girlfriends under the stars to listen to your favorite music together. There’s no better way to relax and get away from it all. Get some affordable Paramore Tickets when they’re in your area, then grab your blanket and picnic basket, and enjoy a night with the girls.

Laugh Away Your Week

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Sometimes laughter can be the best medicine at the end of a stressful week. Grab your girlfriends and go to your local comedy club. Even if it’s improv night, which usually offers great discounts, you’ll be able to laugh your stress away while hanging with your friends.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

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Just enjoying a relaxing dinner with your girlfriends away from home can be a great dose of medicine to relieve stress. Plan a night out to go to your favorite restaurant, order a bottle of wine and an excellent meal, and gab away. Obviously, keep an eye on the age restrictions on alcohol wherever you are planning to go, which can be done by checking out the news on websites like Fake Your Drank. 

Take me out to the Ballgame


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Does your town have a local baseball team or a great high school team? Why not get your girlfriends together to take in a game? You can eat all the hot dogs and Cracker Jacks you want while rooting for your local team.

Go Clubbing with the Ladies


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Even moms need a fun night out at the local club. Grab your girlfriends, order some drinks, and work off your stress on the dance floor. By going in a group, you can keep an eye on one another so you won’t get hassled.

Enjoy A Fun Night at Home

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You don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy a night out with the girls. Send the guys and the kids to someone else’s house, then have your girlfriends back at yours for a girls’ night in. You can gab, do makeovers, watch movies, and eat anything you want. Make this a weekly tradition and plan party themes for each week.

There are so many different options you and your girlfriends can do to unwind with a fun girls’ night out. Try one of these eight for fun, relaxing night. You can do a different activity each week to keep things fun and exciting.

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