Shopping for the entire family

If your family is like mine, when my girls were younger I was able to pick out all of their clothes and things for their room. But now that they are older forget that? They are so picky about they buy and wear that I have basically given up shopping for the entire family. I have lost count of how many times I have trekked back to a store only to return items that would have liked a month again but this month not so much. My oldest daughter has a very small frame so we always have to try the clothes on before we buy for her. She is too big for children’s clothes but yet not quite big enough for the adult extra small. My middle daughter has a thing about buttons on her clothes. She will not wear anything with buttons on them. So that limits the kinds of clothes that I can find for her to wear. And my youngest don’t get me started on her. She is not your typical 10 years old. She will not wear blue jeans to save her life. She loves leggings but it is getting to the point where she is outgrowing all the sizes she can wear because she I getting so tall. But give her skort


and she is happy all day long. I always have to have her with me when I shop. Sometimes that is not always possible so when I look for clothes I find that letting them check out zuuzs that way I can see what they like and maybe cut down on some of the hassle of returning items.

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