8 Best Dog Breeds For Large Families

8 Best Dog Breeds For Large Families

We all have heard the saying “the more, the merrier,” especially when it comes to kids and pets. But adding a new dog to your household requires serious consideration. If you have a large family, things can get pretty chaotic. Whether you have teens or toddlers, the canine you choose should be comfortable around your family members and in an exciting home environment.  Scrutinize the characteristics of a dog’s breed, especially in regard to size, temperament, and energy. This step ensures you choose a furry companion that will add to your family’s dynamic, not disrupt it. To help you get an idea of which dog breeds are a great fit for larger families, we’ve provided a quick overview of eight popular dog breeds to consider first.

1. Cockapoo

If you want a dog that loves to entertain company, the Cockapoo is a smart choice. Not only is this mix between a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle highly trainable, but it rarely holds a grudge and has a coat that won’t cover your house in dog hair. Because of its heritage, your Cockapoo will have the perfect balance of energy– ready to run around the park one minute or turn into a couch potato the next. When you find Cockapoo puppies for sale, you’ll have a hard time not choosing one as your newest family member.

2. Golden Retriever

If you looked up the phrase “people pleaser,” you’d see a Golden Retriever pictured next to the definition. This canine is a laid-back pooch that loves its family. Known for their patience, these are great animals around children, especially when it comes to sharing in exercise. Whether you and your loved ones teach your new dog how to play fetch or how to take commands, you’ll love how easy it is to train this breed. The only downside to owning a Golden Retriever is the need for regular brushing to keep shedding hair under control.  

3. Labrador Retriever

There are many qualities to look for in a new dog, but if you have a large family, qualities like patience, playfulness, and reliability are especially important. The Labrador Retriever checks all of these boxes and more, making them one of the most popular furry friends to bring home. These dogs are crazy smart, so training them is a breeze. 

If you and your family regularly go to parks, on hikes, and participate in other physical exercises, Labs will love to come along and burn some energy. While these aren’t humongous dogs, your living space should be large enough to accommodate this purpose on days you plan to hang around the house. 

4. Poodle

When you think about Poodles, you probably think about the frou-frou grooming styles and elegant stature they’re famous for. But these canines make fantastic family pets because of their gentle nature and intelligence.

This breed comes in several sizes, each with its own distinct personality. For example, the standard is playful, obedient, and smart. While they might be initially shy of new faces in your home, they are still friendly and eager to meet. Minis, however, are famous for being a ‘one owner’ type of dog but are still loving, obedient, and playful with other family members and pets. 

5. Irish Setter

Irish Setters are a great alternative if you like Labradors but want an energetic dog that can give your kids a run for their money. Not only are they extremely loving and dedicated to their families, but they also love to run and play. Much like Labs and Retrievers, this breed is people-friendly and will eagerly greet everyone that comes to visit for Thanksgiving. Just be prepared to regularly brush their long coats to avoid painful knots and mats. 

6. Newfoundland

If you’re looking for a family dog that is practically a saint, Newfoundlands are the best choice. They naturally love and protect children, offering a level of gentleness and patience that’s hard to find in any animal. This heavily furred pooch is also one of the most intelligent canines out there, so training them for tasks is easy.

The important thing to remember about this breed is its size. These tend to grow fairly large, weighing anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds! This means your home should have quite a large property line for it to run. The downside is their sheer volume of fur, which requires constant grooming.

7. Beagle

If you don’t want a long-haired or oversized furball, Beagles are another option for larger families seeking a dog. This breed has been popular for hunting sports for centuries, which means they are athletic. But they’re also known to be quite happy-go-lucky and very friendly. 

If you and your loved ones regularly spend time outdoors, a Beagle will love every minute of the experience, putting their tracking skills to the test, looking for squirrels and other small critters of interest. 

8. Bulldog

The Bulldog might surprise you if your primary concern about having a dog around your large family is how it interacts with children. This breed is famous for how affectionate and devoted they are toward kids. Because of their stocky build, they can handle the rough and tumble of childhood but don’t expect them to go on long jogs or play fetch for hours like other canines. Instead, these furry friends are docile by nature, which makes them great company for other dogs and visitors. 

Bulldogs require more effort than other dog breeds when it comes to hygiene. Their wrinkles can trap dirt, and the way their jaws are set makes it necessary to clean them more often.


As you begin your search for the perfect dog to add to your growing household, keep in mind the pros and cons of the breeds you’re considering. Temperament, socialization, personality, and upkeep are just a few of the many things to think about before introducing a new pet into your home. 

Taking time to ensure your entire household is ready for a new pooch is also a smart idea. Educate your children on what behaviors are appropriate or not when interacting with animals, and have a vet picked out to care for your pet’s vaccinations and healthcare needs. By planning ahead, you will provide the best possible environment to bond with your new dog and enjoy the many years of dedication and love ahead for your entire family.

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