Tips for Moving in With a Significant Other

Tips for Moving in With a Significant Other

As my boyfriend and I are beginning to get serious, we are looking at the logical next step in our relationship. When we realized that we spent more time together than apart at one residence or the other, we decided we might be ready to cohabitate more permanently. Before taking that next step, we are considering a few tips for moving in with a significant other to help us prepare to proceed.


It’s one thing to share the space when one person is the guest and the other the host. It’s a whole different ball game when a residence is shared equally. Understanding the levels of cleanliness each of us holds and how that works is essential. If one of us is tidy, but the other is more type A about deep cleaning, that should be discussed, and plans should be established for how to maintain the level of cleanliness each of us values.


The range in which people organize their belongings and homes is extensive. We’re certainly going to have to compromise with each other; that’s just how relationships work. We’ve decided it’s a good idea to open up a discussion about what each of us would like to bring to the new space as it pertains to belongings and the style we think best defines us. These seem like basic and minor things, but they’re worth addressing prior to moving in.


People are vastly different in how they manage money. Discussing which bills will be shared, who will be in charge of paying them, and how shared funds are spent is crucial. There are many different approaches to the way people handle their finances. We’ve found that going in with both eyes open and delegating responsibilities will maintain order and help us avoid large disagreements.


Finances will also play a huge role in the dwelling we choose. If we were looking to acquire an apartment, the requirements we’ll need to meet will greatly differ from a first-time homeowner’s financial checklist. Our decision to purchase a starter home together will probably depend heavily on our time together as a couple. Communication is important, and ensuring that we’re both on board for decisions regarding the acquisition of property is vital.


As we start this journey, we’ve discovered that we need to make sure we are listening to each other just as much as we are speaking our individual opinions. Communication is key in helping us best support each other so we can move into this next phase as a connected unit. Our partners need to feel validated just as much as we do.

This list of tips for moving in with a significant other could go on and on. Building a life with someone is always a learning experience. The more in tune you are with the desires and needs of yourself and your partner, the more cohesive the next part of your lives will be. Now that we’ve worked out the details, we feel more ready to take the plunge.

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