The Secret To Keeping Your Family Well Dressed Without Breaking The Bank

Family Well Dressed without Breaking Bank
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Trying to keep yourself, your partner, and your kids dressed in vaguely smart attire all year round can be a real challenge when you’re on a tight budget. At the rate that styles change and the kids grow, it can cost an arm and a leg to keep everyone dressed in more than just dirty rags. But it’s totally possible; it’s just a case of forward planning, some choice purchases, and a little bit of savvy shopping.

Channel your inner seamstress

It’s a universal fact that most kids are completely unable to wear an outfit for a day without covering it in mud or food, or tearing a hole in the knee. With so much energy and excitement, looking after their clothes isn’t exactly priority number one. But rather than throwing ripped or stained clothes away, why not learn some basic clothing repair? Being able to mend socks, patch rips, and restitch burst seams will save you a lot of money in new clothes, and it can even be quite a satisfying pastime.

Embrace the sales

All bow down to the deity of clothing sales – what would we do without them? If you time it right, there are the seasonal sales, and if not, there’s always coupons. Rather than head straight to the store when new clothes are in order, spend some time researching the best options online, and you might even find yourself a great discount code or money off voucher, such as these Pretty Little Thing discount codes at When new clothes are an absolute must, either for the grown-ups or the kids, why pay full price?

All praise hand-me-downs

Children are, admittedly, a bit of a nightmare to keep kitted out. If they’re not destroying perfectly good clothes, they’re outgrowing them faster than you can buy them. The truth of the matter is unless you’re pretty well off, trying to keep up with your kid’s clothing requirements can be tough. If they’ve got older siblings, you might use the hand-me-down strategy. Why not take it one step further and enlist the help of friends, extended family, or members of your church group with kids as well? That way, you can keep on trading clothes for as long as you need, and new clothes before far fewer and further between.

Choose multi-season clothing options

If you live in an area of the world that gets four seasons a year, as opposed to the hot hot hot of the southern states, then it can seem like it’s necessary to basically own three, if not four, sets of clothes for each family member. As a thrifty alternative, try investing in some multi-season pieces that can be worn in different ways throughout the year? It’s all about layering tees with jumpers and thick coats for winter, and with shorts for summer – it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. This way, all you need to buy is staple pieces, with a few specifically hot or cold weather pieces thrown in for comfort – simple!

It’s totally possible to dress a family and keep everyone looking stylish and comfortable on a budget, all it takes is a little bit of planning, and the help of a few friends.

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