The Top 10 Moving Tips for Relocating in Brisbane

The top 10 moving tips for relocating in Brisbane from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Brisbane might not be as popular or populous as other cities in Australia, such as Melbourne or Sydney, but it can more than make up for that with its beauty and vibe that keep attracting more and more people to relocate this Queensland city.

Moving to Brisbane from another state can be tedious, but with careful planning and strategy, it can be a breeze. Check out the ten tips below for making your move to Brisbane as stress-free as possible.

  1.  Start planning for the move early – the key to making the transition stress-free is to start as early as possible. Create a timeline and a to-do list six months, three months, one month and a week before your move so you will not be overwhelmed with all the tasks.
  2. Contact a furniture removal company to help you with the move – start searching for movers who can help you move your furniture and other stuff to your new home. Pro Removalists Brisbane offers a free quote so check them out so you can prepare for the move sooner.
  3.  Sort your things to see which can be given or sold – have boxes ready and categorize all your things into those that will stay with you in the new house, those that you need to throw out, and those that you can give away or sell.
  4. Pack the clothes that are not in season – here’s a tip. Look at your closet and take out the ‘s clothes that you will not be wearing because it’s not the right season. So if it’s summer, pack all your winter and autumn clothes.
  5. Get the help of friends in packing – if you still have some stuff to pack weeks before the move, why not gather all your friends to help you with some last-minute packing. It can also be a going away part of sorts, just make sure to provide food for your friends.
  6. Make sure to label your boxes properly – make sure that every box is properly labeled, especially if it contains some fragile items. The first few days that you’ve moved in may be chaotic, and you don’t want to have to open all your boxes looking for that one pair of pants or a kitchen utensil.
  7. Choose a community perfect for you and your family – there are so many communities you can choose from when you move! Whether you want a relaxed atmosphere, an up and coming vibe or a family-friendly place, just do your research so you can find a place that would fit your need.
  8. Brisbane’s winters are mild compared to the southern states – if you’re looking for a city where the weather will be perfect in summer and not too cold during winter, then Brisbane is perfect. Compared to the southern states, Brisbane’s winter can bring a low of only 15 degrees.
  9. Make sure to attend Ekka! – if possible, make your move before the month of August. This way, you can enjoy Ekka or the Brisbane Exhibition. This festival lasts more than a week and features shows, local products and many more!
  10. Enjoy the only man-made beach in Australia at Brisbane  – if you want the beach but don’t want a long drive to Gold Coast, Streets Beach is there for your needs. This is the only man-made beach in Australia and it is free for all to enjoy!

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