Learn Some Money Saving Tips You Can Use When Visiting Cabo San Lucas

Learn Some Money Saving Tips You Can Use When Visiting Cabo San Lucas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Cabo San Lucas is one of the more popular destinations to visit in the country of Mexico, largely due to its infamous parties. Of course, averaging 350 days of sunshine every year doesn’t hurt either. Visitors flock here from across Mexico, but also the west coasts of both the United States and Canada.

What’s commonly known as Cabo San Lucas might be one of two things. The first is the city of Cabo San Lucas, and the other is a 20-mile strip of coastline near the tip of greater Baja California. Cabo San Lucas, the city, bookends one part of that stretch, and the city of San Jose del Cabo marks the other end. Route 1 connects the two cities. The whole area is served by an international airport located just north of the city of San Jose del Cabo, featuring direct flights from across Mexico but also Chicago, Vancouver, Newark, Detroit, and other North American airports.

This is a great place to be if you want to unwind and get away from your stressful life for a time. Of course, your trip is far more affordable and less stressful itself if you budget your trip and enjoy money-saving tips. Keep reading to learn a few things about this.

Your flight is your first opportunity to save money, and perhaps one of the biggest. The specific days of the week are what can really help you out here. You might think that visiting in the off-season is when the only low-cost flights are available, but that’s simply not true. If you choose early weekdays, such as Monday or Tuesday, for your departure and return, then you can possibly cut your ticket price in half. Comparison sites, such as Hotwire or Expedia, can prove useful in finding the best possible deals. Play around with dates to see where the most affordable flights are. Also, remember to look for great baggage deals too. Weighing your luggage at home can help you avoid surprise costs at the airport. If you’re not sure how to weigh your luggage, just get on your weight scales once by yourself to know your weight and then again holding your luggage. Subtract the difference to know the number.

Cabo was long known as a place where you could get 10 pesos per dollar, but a newer rate of 14 to 16 is often used now, although some vendors are sticking with the old rate. If you want your American currency to get the most mileage, change it into pesos at the start of your trip.

Of course, you don’t have to pay for everything at the price that’s listed. It’s okay to barter with locals. If you spend time on the primary Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, they’ll try selling you anything and everything from fruit to excursions. If someone offers a boat tour for $15, offer to pay $10 instead. The worst they’ll do is say no and move on to other tourists, who they deal with all day.

You’ll need to eat and drink while on vacation to keep your health and energy up for all your fun, but wining and dining should also be a feature of the trip. Still, you don’t want to bankrupt yourself in the process. Drinking out of the minibar in the hotel can eat a hole in your pocket, and so can enjoy a few beverages in a nice restaurant. If you would like to relax, look for a package that is all-inclusive. When all your food and beverages are already taken care of, you’ll have that much less to stress about. Just be certain you have clear understandings of what all gets included in the food and beverage package you choose.

Take advantage of group rates if you can. Many vacations are better off with family and friends unless they’re the ones you’re trying to get away from. However, a good-sized group can split up savings by renting out a villa rather than staying in a hotel. The total costs might be higher, but the accommodations will be more luxurious and personal, and enough bedrooms can mean everyone’s average nightly cost is actually lower than in a resort.

One other area that can be either a disaster or grounds for serious savings is your transportation while you are there. Bigger resorts make things easier for their guests with shuttle van runs into the various towns, either one way or round trip. These typically have fixed prices per each passenger. Expect to shell out up to $40 for a ride to the airport. Individual cab rides to points of interest up and down the coast can also stack up your expenses faster than you think. Given this, you might want to actually look into renting a car for yourself if you intend to get around a lot while you are there.

It might prove worthwhile to use the services of a vacation planning company if you want an enjoyable stay. Such a business can look out for your best options given their local connections and professional experience. They’ll also get you great pricing and deals, having access to things you might not find on your own.

With just a bit of due diligence and homework far in advance of actually landing in this destination region of Baja California, you can make your trip far more affordable. Saving enough money might help you extend your trip or just make it possible to go in the first place. You can also free up funds to do more things while here. At any rate, you’ll minimize your money stress, and getting away from the stress of daily life is exactly why you’re out here in the first place right?

When you don’t have to worry so much about affording your trip to Cabo San Lucas, you can focus on more fun things, like making sure you’re on the east coast of the peninsula to see the sun rise over water in the morning and then be on the Pacific west coast to see it likewise go down over water too.

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