9 Expert Tips For Camping With Dogs

Vacation time might be time to unwind and relax, but for your furry friend, vacation time is playtime! Although they may or may not be able to be a part of every single vacation, camping is something they can always try. But while camping with your dog might seem fun in the beginning, there are a couple of guidelines that you should always ensure. As you do this, your little pup will get to make the most of the camping session, and that too, with utmost safety. So in case, you’re looking for nine expert tips for camping with dogs, here’s everything you need to know!

Visit Their Vet

Even before you’ve planned for the trip, it is important to visit your pup’s vet. This vet-visit will give you a clear idea about your pup’s health, and you’ll get to know if they are healthy enough to be heading for a trip. As a part of this visit, you should also check if your pup has taken their flea and tick medication because slightest negligence can prove to be fatal for them. So if you’re camping with dogs, this is one thing that you should always check.

Check What They Like

Your dog will never enjoy a trip with you if you don’t take the time to check what they like. So before embarking on that B-I-G wilderness trip, assess if your dog is camp-ready. If your pet pup is a huge lounge hound, a relaxed family-friendly campground might be the best thing for them. Alternatively, if they’re a daring athlete with tons of outdoor experience, take them to for a weeklong hiking session. Either way, if you’re looking to enjoying camping with your dog, you should also take the time to assess what they want and love.

Prepare For Adverse Situations

Always carry a laminated ID card of your dog, detailing their name, your name and contact details. This will help you at the times of emergency.

Keep Their Documents Up-To-Date

After you get a green signal from the vet, the very next thing you have to do is get their documents in check. Check if your pup has an updated license and proper ID tag. Additionally, you should also have all the papers that are likely to serve as a verification against their existing vaccinations. These are important documents since they’ll keep things in check if you face an adverse situation with your dog in the middle of the trip.

Check If The Site Is Dog-Friendly

There’s nothing more terrible than heading for a trip with your little pup, only to find out that your camping site doesn’t allow dogs. So regardless of the kind of trip you’ve planned for, do plenty of research to check if the site is dog-friendly. In addition to this, you should also look for leash laws because certain campsites allow only restrained pets, while the others are fine with your pup being off the leash if they are kept in proper check (and you agree to collect their poop). Since many people completely ignore the campsite, this is one of the tips and tricks that you should always ensure.

Take Portable Water And Food Bowls

These bowls won’t take up much space, and they’ll also save plenty of your time. Once you have the right bowls, carrying stuff for your pup will be easier than ever.

Get A First Aid Kit

This is one of the essential guidelines among our expert tips for camping with dogs. If you’re looking to enjoy a great time with your furry friend, it is really, important to get a pet specific first-aid kit for them. You can get these kits from any pet store or even customize one specifically for them. Although most of the pet-specific kits aren’t that different from the human ones, it is still important to have them for the useful guidelines they provide about dealing with emergency conditions like choking.

Carry Portable Sleeping Materials

Portable sleeping materials ensure that your pup gets to sleep comfortably,  just like having a sleeping bag for you, at the end of a long, adventurous day.

Brush Up On The Training

Whether you’re heading for country-side trekking or a trip along the highway, it is vital for your dog to know and act according to the reliable recall’ command. This will ensure that they are completely out of danger in all instances. In addition to the reliable recall’, you should also focus on the leave it’ command. This will further ensure that your pup leaves the snakes or any other wildlife that they get to meet during the trail.

For best results, brush up on their outdoor training sessions before heading for the camping trip. This will keep them safe, and, also help you to make the most of the trip.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you’ve read our expert tips for camping with dogs, follow the guidelines carefully, and you’ll soon have a trip of your lifetime!

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