Tips for Moms on Blogging


blog clipartSo you interested in being a blogger and want to ask me some questions? I have found myself asking that question a lot lately. Several people have seen what my blog and want to know how to go about blogging. The first piece of advice that I give is to be you. When I first started blogging it was not for the money or sponsorship it was about letting my voice be heard. It was a way for me to vent, express gratitude, and to show that there are others who feel the same way. Being yourself and writing about what you know will help you to gain fans or as I like to call them online friends. The second piece of advice is to be organized. Sadly sometimes I lack in that department. Also do not let your blog dictate your life. What I mean about that is that sometimes we get so caught up with opportunities that our everyday life tends to be pushed aside. My blogging schedule is to be online about 2 hours a day on Monday- Wednesday (because I work my other job then) and try to work all day on Thursday and Friday, leaving my weekends for the occasionally post here and there. I try to stick to that schedule and so far it works. So what blogging tips can you share?

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