GP: Group Halloween Costumes

GP-Group HalloweenCostumes

If you’re going to a Halloween party this year, the chances are that you’ll be looking for something a bit different, something even more creepy than usual or that might become a talking point for weeks to come afterwards that everyone remembers, (for the right reasons of course!) Company or club parties are always great occasions, especially when people dress up for theme nights and Halloween is one of the most popular parties.

With the chance to dress up as all kinds of ghoulish creatures with costumes bought from fancy dress shops or online at sites like you have the chance to make a real impression, and what better way to do so than to team up with some of your friends to go as a group!


Going in a group can have the maximum effect on a party, leaving other guests wondering just who you are underneath the costumes, who you’ve come as and whether to buy a drink for “one of the guys in that group over there”. So what sort of groups could you all dress up as? Obviously, it’s all going to be determined by how many of you are in the group – you can hardly go as The Beatles if there is only two of you for example!

How about a flashback to your younger days, by getting four of your mates with you to dress up as the Power Rangers! Yes, I know there was three male and two female Rangers, but as long as people are comfortable they won’t mind dressing up as the Pink Ranger for one night! Plus it’ll be great fun.

Alternatively, think of your favorite Halloween film, like Beetlejuice for instance. While you might not find costumes for all of the main characters, you could all go as the main man himself and confuse everyone in the room when they see a group of Beetlejuice’s all gathered on the dancefloor!

Of course, just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that you have to go as something scary! If everyone else is wearing witch costumes or dressed as mad scientists hellbent on scaring all the guests, go the other way and dress up like pieces from the game Tetris and then, when you’re stood in a group, wow the other guests by getting into various shapes – if nothing else it’ll be a talking point!

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