Keeping Relaxed While in Traffic


traffic jam

If you have ever been stuck in traffic, you know how frustrating it can be. I hate to travel during high traffic times. In fact, I will plan my trips and times for interviews around the times that traffic isn’t going to be heavy if I can. And ever since we were in the accident back in April, I find myself more nervous to be in heavy traffic even when I am not driving.

Here are some strategies to help to stay relaxed during this time..

  • Invest in some books on tape or download some books to your phone and let them play. In the movie, The Guilt Trip, the characters had to take a cross country trip and they used books on tape to get through the drive. You can download some books for free at freeclassicaudiobooks.com. It won’t get you to your destination any faster but it will make it a lot more enjoyable.
  • Breath. Take deep breaths inhaling and exhaling from the diaphragm. This strategy is also used by chiropractors to help you relax as they are adjusting you. This increases the amount of oxygen to your brain and has a calming effect.
  • Stretch and Strengthen. There are exercises that you can do while you are stuck in the car. These exercises are easy and do not require a lot of movement but they will release built up tension.
  • Pray. I have found that this is by far the most relaxing thing to do in traffic. Sure if you say your prayers aloud that people will look at you  funny thinking that you talking to yourself, but who cares. If it brings you peace than do it.

These tips will help you keep your road rage under control while you are stuck in traffic. This will also allow you to keep those nerves in check. Remember just breath.

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