Guest Post: Types of TV Brackets

The advent of LCD and LED TV is changing the way people watch television. Whereas there used to be a bulky, immovable box on the top of a table or inside a TV box made of wood or metal in the days of the CRT TV (which, by the way, has not completely died out), there is now a slim, flat and wide screen that can be titled and swiveled for comfortable viewing. This flexibility has given rise to a new kind of industry – that of TV brackets and mounts.


A TV mount or bracket is usually made of stainless steel or other strong composite materials that are not subject to rusting and breakage. As they are made to hold the TV firmly in its place, while also proving flexibility of movement, they need to be extra sturdy. At the same time, they also have to complement the sophisticated and elegant appearance of the TV. A TV bracket that is ugly spoils the appearance of your TV as well as the entire viewing experience by being a source of distraction.


When shopping for a bracket or mount for your LCD or LED TV, you will be basically presented with three options: flat wall mounts, tilting wall mounts and full motion wall mounts. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but the important thing is to decide which type suits your TV and your viewing habit the best.


  • Flat wall mounts: This type of TV bracket is fixed against the the wall. The TV is fixed firmly and securely inside it. The flat wall mount is the most affordable type of bracket and is generally easy to install. Its drawback is that it is permanently fixed and you cannot adjust it once it is installed. The flat wall mount is suitable for people who do not like to tamper with the position of their TV.


  • Tilting wall mounts: This type of TV bracket is also fixed against the wall, but the viewers can tilt it to find the best viewing angle. This flexibility makes it the most popular type of bracket. It is suitable for people who like to watch their TV either sitting, or reclining or lying on a couch across from the TV. It is more expensive than the flat wall mount and is also more difficult to install.


  • Full-motion wall mounts: Also known as swivel & tilt TV brackets or cantilever TV wall mount, this type of bracket offers the most flexibility. It can be tilted and swiveled in any direction, so that the viewer can watch it conveniently from any direction. It is useful for people who like to keep an eye on the TV while working in the kitchen or eating in the dining room. It is the most expensive type of bracket and also the hardest to install.


Regardless of what type of mount you choose to install in your home, you must choose TV brackets of high quality only. And the best place to find quality TV brackets are online stores that specialize in TV brackets.

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