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Now is the time for W-2’s to start rolling in and you know what that means filing those taxes. If you are getting a refund you are probably thinking about what to do with the money. Are you going to be responsible and pay off those bills or irresponsible and splurge on a big ticket item? Well if you follow this advice you can do a little of both. Last year, we did just that. I had wanted a laptop for so long but really did not want to shell out the money that was needed to buy one. Seriously have you checked the price of a good laptop lately??? Yea sure I could have gotten a cheap laptop but in the case of computers you get what you paid for it. Instead I researched and found a great deal on bundle. Yep folks I said bundle. Around this time of year, stores create bundles in honor of tax times. So I received a great deal on one last year. I was able to get a Dell Laptop, wireless printer, USB flash drive, and a laptop case for the amount that I would have normally paid for the laptop but because I bought it as tax bundle I was able to save more and get more for my money. So if you are looking for amazing deals on computers and software check out a bundle package, chances it will save you some money.

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