Tips for Buying Your Teenagers First Car

It’s that time to relinquish control and give your child the freedom and responsibility behind the steering wheel. But first comes the driving test. Eager to secure an earlier driving exam to get their first car, many teens use a Driving test cancellation checker to find available slots and expedite the process of earning their license.

Tips for Buying Your Teenagers First Car from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

OMG, your teen has passed their driving test!

After months of learning the ropes, it’s time for them to hit the road. You may feel apprehensive, but it’s time to choose your teenager’s first car.

Choosing your teenager’s first car can be an absolute nightmare. While your teen’s looking for a hot ride…you’re on the lookout for a hot price tag! It’s always good to look at the variety available, whether you’re looking for a 1978 monte carlo for sale, or a more recent car, by doing research, you can always find a great deal.

Choosing your teen’s first car on your own has its benefits. Getting your teen involved is a great opportunity to teach them some life lessons.

Check out this guide below for some tips on how to find the perfect first car for teenagers.

Are you ready? Let’s hit the road!

Tips for Your Teenagers First Car

When choosing the best car for a teenager, you may find yourself fighting between what you want and what your teen wants.

But don’t worry!

It’s possible to do something that checks off all the boxes (within reason). Follow the advice in this guide below, and you’ll feel 100% confident about handing over the keys.

Safety First

“Good cars get you from A-B. Great cars…well, they just get you into trouble”.

Yes, the best first car to buy for your teen MUST be safe and reliable. According to the CDC, 6 teenagers aged 16–19 die every day in motor vehicle crashes. And hundreds more become injured.

How can you pick a safe car?

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to safety features. It’s always a good idea to consider crash test results to see the true safety measures of the vehicle.

You will also need to make sure the car has these essential safety features:

  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock breaks
  • Electronic stability control
  • Traction control
  • Good safety belts

Additionally, you may opt for tire pressure monitors, pedestrian detection, and automatic emergency braking. A dashcam may also be beneficial to use as evidence if an accident occurs.

While an antique ride will give off vintage vibes, it may not be well-equipped with essential safety features. It’s better to opt for something more up-to-date if possible.

An Ongoing Education

While you may have all the safety features in place, they will be worth nothing if your teen drives dangerously. Remember that a car is only as safe as the driver makes it.

Before you let them get behind the wheel, send your kid to a high-quality driving school. Make sure they know the rules and regulations of the road extremely well. This will help them to avoid incidents later.

Their driving education will be an ongoing process. Pass on driving tips to them when you’re riding as a passenger. And be aware that they will be watching you while you drive. They may even pick up your bad habits.

Don’t scare your teen, but educate them on the dangers. Show them news stories and educational videos. Subjects may include texting while driving, speeding, falling asleep at the wheel, and driving under the influence.

Take a Test Drive

You may want the car to be a surprise. But chances are, if they already have their license, they’re not going to feel surprised!

Bring your kid along and let them take a test drive at the used car dealers liverpool (or whichever dealership you are visiting in your area). This will help them to get a feel of the car’s dynamics and drive.

Whether it’s an old car or a new car, when taking a test drive, take note of these factors:

  • Seat comfort
  • Sound system
  • Steering
  • Noises
  • Safety features

Remember, your teens’ first car may set the tone for their driving style for the rest of their life. So it’s always best to keep them involved from the beginning.

Handling the Cost

If they’re responsible enough to drive a car, they should be able to pay for it!

That may seem harsh. But while your teen may not be able to pay for the car outright, they may be able to pay some towards their new ride. This is a great way to teach them some responsibility.

Get them involved and discuss other responsibilities regarding the car, such as keeping it clean and paying for gas, car insurance, and repairs.

Budget Rides

Most Moms and Dads won’t fork out a brand new ride for their teens’ first car. There are bound to be a few scrapes and bumps in the first year of driving, after all.

When choosing your teenagers’ first car, it’s important to think about safety. The budget is also a big factor. But don’t skimp on safety just to get a bargain—you may end up regretting it.

If you opt for a used car, have it checked over by a professional beforehand. Remember, you may need to spend a few extra bucks to get it up to standard. For example, new tires, brakes, or other features.

Make sure to opt for a fuel-efficient car too. From driving to and from school to road trips with friends, the miles can add up. Pick a car with great gas mileage to reduce the cost of filling up.

Teen-Friendly Features

For your teens’ first car, it’s a good idea to opt for some extra safety features that are specially geared toward teen drivers.

For example, there are tracking features that will notify you if they are driving the car out of the chosen boundaries, such as distance limitations or driving after certain hours.

Another safety feature for general everyday use is a GPS system. This will keep them from getting lost.

It’s also beneficial to have a spare key on hand just in case they lock their keys in the car. If you don’t, you may need a locksmith. Click here for the best emergency locksmith in Denver.

As well as these features, set rules for your teens’ first car. For instance, how many passengers they can drive around and a curfew.

What Will You Choose for Your Teens First Car?

If you keep these handy tips in mind when choosing your teenager’s first car, they’ll be ready to hit the road. And before you know it, much to your annoyance, they’ll be trying to teach you how to drive! Once you’re confident with their driving style, why not take a road trip? Read these epic tales from a Mom-Daughter road trip for some ultimate bonding tips.

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